Johnny Gargano came out first. Finn Balor was out next. The referee was barely holding them back as they met for trash talking in the middle of the ring. Balor turned and went to the corner to finish his entrance. The two men stared each other down while fans were doing dueling chants. They locked up and traded holds. Gargano with a quick roll-up pin attempt. Balor showed off some by doing push-ups while having Gargano locked in a head-scissors. Finally, Gargano fought out of the hold. Balor kept control and unloaded with chops in the corner.

Balor controlled the match into the corners again, rocking Gargano with chops. Gargano blocked a shot with a kick. He finally hit a Spear to send Balor off the apron to the floor. Gargano worked Balor around ringside. Balor ended up blocking a dropkick on the floor with a big Slingblade. Balor hit a knee to the head while the referee was counting. He brought it back in and kept control for a few minutes. Gargano avoided a pin but Balor kept him grounded with ease. So, fans did louder dueling chants.

Gargano finally fought free and rocked Balor. He focused on Balor’s arm. Gargano took Balor back down by his arm and grounded him. He turned it into a pin attempt. Gargano kept control and rocked Balor into the corner. Balor caught a kick from the apron and turned it into a Dragon Screw leg whip into the ropes. He kept Gargano down and grounded him with the knee again. Balor continued to dominate, taking Gargano back to the corner for strikes and focused on the knee. He taunted Gargano but Gargano rocked him.

Balor kept control and took the knee out again. He ordered the referee to ask Gargano if he quits. Balor used the ropes on the knee again while the referee warned him. Gargano kicked Balor to the floor this time. Balor came right back in but Gargano rolled him for a close two count. He went right back to the mat with focus on the leg and knee of Gargano. Balor rolled Gargano into a submission as Gargano yelled out in pain. More back and forth until Gargano went for a suicide dive to the floor but Balor grabbed him in mid-move.

Balor went for the 1916 on the floor but Gargano rammed him back into the steel steps. Gargano went back in and hit a big rolling senton to take Balor back down on the outside. They brought it back in and Gargano hit the slingshot Spear as Balor turned around. Balor still kicked out at two. He pleaded as Gargano backed him in the corner and stomped. Gargano stomped away on the face and then chopped him. He tried to drive Balor off the top but it’s blocked. Gargano blocked Balor’s inverted DDT but Balor leveled him for a close two count.

Fans did dueling chants as Balor stomped on Gargano while he’s down. The referee warned Balor while he was unloading with stomps using the ropes. Gargano rolled to the floor. Balor missed a dropkick and flew through the ropes to the floor. Gargano superkicked Balor and brought it back in. He went for a slingshot DDT but it’s blocked. Gargano countered and launched Balor into the turnbuckles like a dart. Balor came right back. Gargano almost got the pin after they traded pele kicks, falling on top of Balor. So, fans went wild again.

Moreover, they traded big forearm shots from the apron and the ring. The two unloaded with strikes while fans were cheering them on. They went down and got back up. Gargano slingshot himself in but Balor caught him and delivered knees shots. Balor kept control and climbed up top for a big stomp. Gargano dodged the Coup de Grace and hit a big slingshot DDT but Balor kicked out. He couldn’t believe it. Fans chanted “this is awesome!” They got up and stared each other down before going at it again.

Gargano dropped Balor with a discus clothesline. He rallied the fans and looked to put Balor away but Balor nailed a Slingblade for a pop of his own. Balor charged for the dropkick but Gargano superkicked him. He hit the Slingblade and then the big dropkick to Gargano into the corner. Fans went wild. Balor climbed to the top but Gargano dodged the Coup de Grace again. Gargano countered into the GargaNo Escape in the middle of the ring. They struggled and fans cheered them on.

Balor broke free and stomped on Gargano’s chest with both feet. Gargano blocked the 1916 and went back to the GargaNo Escape. Balor finally made it to the ropes to break the hold. He rolled to the floor while fans were chanting “fight forever!” again. Balor stumbled around in front of the announcers. Gargano ran out and nailed the big dropkick into the barrier. He was all smiles while fans were cheering him on. Gargano brought Balor over in front of the announce table but stopped. He started taking the announce table apart and fans popped.

Balor countered and slammed Gargano on top of the table, with the monitors still on it. He climbed up on the main announce table. Balor ran as Gargano stood up on the Spanish table. He leapt and dropkicked Gargano from the Spanish announce table into the barrier. Balor brought Gargano back into the ring and hit Coup de Grace as the fans continued cheering. Balor pointed down at Gargano as he rolled around in pain. He grabbed Gargano for the 1916 and dropped Gargano on his head in the middle of the ring. Balor covered for the pin with ease and got it.

Result: Finn Balor def. Johnny Gargano

After the match, The Prince of NXT stayed on top of Gargano. Balor held Gargano by the throat, talked trash and strike him while the referee backed him away. He came back down and walked over Gargano on his way out of the ring. Balor talked more trash to the camera while making his exit.


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