Johnny Gargano came out to a big pop. Shane Thorne was out next. They locked up and went at it. So, the fans started chanting “Johnny Wrestling!” Gargano knocked Thorne down first and taunted him, but Thorne charged. They tangled on the mat. Gargano ran the ropes and took Thorne back down for a two count. He went for the GargaNo Escape, but Thorne got the bottom rope to break it.

Thorne rocked Gargano and slammed him to the mat for some boos. He had Gargano grounded after taking control during the break. Gargano countered a suplex with a knee to the head. He fired back with a big chop in the corner. Gargano countered and rocked Thorne with a kick to the head. He clotheslined Thorne over the top rope to the floor. He ran for a suicide dive, but Thorne met him at the ropes with a forearm.

Gargano ran again and this time nailed the suicide dive for a big pop. He brought it back into the ring and slingshot Spears himself at Thorne for a two count. Gargano went back to the apron and flew in, but Thorne caught him in mid-air. They tangled, but Gargano hit double knees in the corner. Thorne came right back with a leg lariat in the corner and then a cannonball. He hit a big sitdown powerbomb for a two count.

Thorne unloaded with kicks while Gargano was on his knees. He charged, but Gargano hit him with a forearm. They traded strikes, and Thorne kicked Gargano in the back of the neck. Gargano came right back and turned Thorne inside out. Thorne missed a kick and Gargano spiked him into the mat with the reverse hurricanrana. Gargano cranked up and hit a big superkick for the pin to win.

After the match, Gargano stood tall over Thorne and looked down at him while the music hit. Gargano played to the crowd while they cheered him on.


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