Michael Cole introduced John Cena and he quickly came out. Cena was all business and told Cole to let’s get to it. He thanked the fans watching at home on FOX and shouted them out. Cole brought up “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, and how Wyatt said Cena’s previous WrestleMania 30 win over Wyatt led to the birth of The Fiend. Cena wasn’t sure how to respond to someone who blames their failure on him. He said a lot of people have said to him how he is the reason for their failure, and now we can add Wyatt to that long list.

Cena said Wyatt got lazy after the WrestleMania loss. He said Wyatt is his own biggest enemy. Cena went on and dismissed the idea that he never loses and just buries others. He got a little heated while talking about people wanting to be on top but then getting lazy. So, how does he respond to someone who blames him for their failures? He gave them an attitude adjustment. Cole showed us Cena’s recent SmackDown return in Boston and his promo on WrestleMania 36 going on without him because those WrestleMania spots are earned, not given.

He asked why Cena would antagonize Wyatt after saying what he did. Cena said he didn’t antagonize, he accepted a challenge from Wyatt. He went on about how WWE needs to invest in its future, and he does not feel like Wyatt is a part of that future. Cena said guys like Drew McIntyre, NXT Tag Team Champion Matt Riddle, Tommaso Ciampa, NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley, and The Velveteen Dream are the future. He said WWE should invest in those talents, and asked why we continue to give 5th and 6th chances to people who ask what about me when times get hard.

Cena wanted WWE to invest in people who deserve it every day. He said he accepted Wyatt’s challenge so he can take Wyatt out of the equation. Cena said their WrestleMania 36 match won’t be a match to steal the show. It will be brutal, gruesome and uncomfortable to watch. Cena said he will do what should’ve been accomplished 6 years ago – he will end the hype of the most over-hyped and over-privileged Superstar in existence.

We heard Wyatt laughing from the empty seats. Wyatt had a mic and he hopped over the barrier. He was glad Cena is here, even though he’s saying mean and hateful stuff about Wyatt. Wyatt entered the ring and said it’s good to see Cena. Looked at Cena, he’s doing great now, a big movie star in Hollywood, and still has big muscles, a great girlfriend. He said most can’t imagine what it would be like to be Cena for one day. Wyatt said Cena has him all wrong. He said he’s not sick, Cena is.

Wyatt knows why Cena came here and he knows Cena doesn’t really give a damn about the future. He said Cena doesn’t care who he has to squash or bury on his way, he just wants the spotlight. Wyatt said Cena is addicted to the spotlight. He said 6 years ago Cena took something from him. Wyatt thought about it so much it drove him crazy. He said the voices in his head never stopped and then something magical happened. Wyatt stopped fighting the voices one day and then started listening to them.

They took his crooked little world and turned it into a majestic Fun House. Wyatt said Cena broke him and The Fiend put him back together, and at WrestleMania 36 it’s going to be a slaughter, Cena just doesn’t know it yet. Wyatt was in Cena’s face. Let me in, John. The screen flashed with The Fiend’s presence as Wyatt lets out a quick laugh. The screen went black now as the familiar Wyatt echoed out over the arena. The first-ever SmackDown on FOX from the WWE Performance Center went off the air.


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