Mastiff dodged Coffey’s chain shot, and the two begin brawling on the entrance path. The fight moved to the ring. Coffey hit a vicious combo. Mastiff went for a Samoan drop, but Coffey slipped to his feet. Mastiff hit an Irish-whip. The ropes collapsed. Thus, “Holy shit” chants broke out from the crowd. Mastiff picked up the metal ring post and smashed it over Coffey’s back. He put the bar in his mouth and slammed it to the mat. Coffey blocked a German suplex. He went for a springboard maneuver but took a bad slip.

However, Mastiff took advantage and shoved the metal bar into Coffey’s nose. He hit a Massive German suplex, and Coffey rolled to the outside. Coffey charged him into the apron. He picked up a pool cue from under the ring and nailed Mastiff in the face. Mastiff pulled out a bag that has pool balls, a triangle, and more weapons. Also, he grabbed a table to the delight of the crowd. Mastiff back body dropped Coffey onto the weapons. He picked up a cricket bat while Coffey avoided the attack. He whipped Mastiff across the back with a pool cue, breaking it in the process.

So, Mastiff responded by smashing the cricket bat on Coffey’s back. It made a loud sound and hit another shot.  Coffey recovered and sent Mastiff through the table with a diving spear while the referee counted. Mastiff was up at eight. Coffey had the chain again. He went for a discus punch, but Mastiff ducked and connected with another German suplex. Mastiff picked up the chain and whipped it into Coffey’s back multiple times. He pulled out another table and set it up across the barricade.

Further, they play tug of war with the chain. Mastiff let go, and Coffey went flying. Mastiff hit running Cannonball to send Coffey through the table. Meanwhile, the referee counted, and he’s up at nine. Coffey then jumped the barricade to run away. Mastiff followed him into the crowd with a steel chair and hit shots to Coffey’s back. Coffey blocked the third shot and then used the chain on Mastiff. They both barely beat the count. Mastiff handed Coffey a chair; he has one as well. They charged each other and unleashed hard.

The fight spilled over to the commentator’s table while Mastiff removed the cover. They both ended up on top. Mastiff picked Coffey up for rolling senton, but the table didn’t break. So, they climb to the top of a support beam above the commentator’s table. Plus, the fans cheer “please don’t die.” Coffey went for a suplex, but Mastiff blocked it. They both went flying through a table. The referee started counting as Mastiff used a rolling travel case to gain support, but Coffey kicked it out.  The referee completed ten count, handing Coffey the win.


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