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Isaiah “Swerve” Scott tangled with Bronson Reed in singles bout

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott came out first. Bronson Reed was out next. They tangled to start the match. Reed dropped Scott, but he kip-up. They tangled some more, and Reed took it to the corner but missed as he charged in. Scott hit a missile dropkick, but Reed came right back and ran right over him. Reed hit a headbutt and another. He kept control, working Scott around the ring. Reed dropped Scott with another headbutt. Scott fought Reed off and chopped him.

Reed caught Scott with a headlock to stop the offense. Scott whipped Reed and dropped down, but Reed just sat on his back, keeping him from going anywhere. Reed hit a Bonsai Drop and more offense to keep Scott down. He lifted Scott and launched him over the top rope to the floor. Reed followed and chopped Scott against the barricade. Scott slid out of a hold and sent Reed shoulder-first into the ring post. He dropped Reed.

Scott kept control and caught Reed with a Flatliner for a two count. He kept fighting, but Reed took the shots and came right back with a big clothesline and then a Senton. Reed dragged Scott over to the corner and climbed to the top, but Scott jumped up and kicked him. Scott climbed up and kept fighting. Reed fought back while Scott was up top with him. He went for a super Tombstone piledriver, but Scott slid to his feet and brought Reed to the mat with a big DDT for a two count.

Scott worked over Reed to keep him down, focusing on the left arm. Reed threw Scott to the mat. Scott hit a running back elbow into the corner. He kept control, but Reed caught him in a sitdown Spinebuster. Reed hit a Moribe Driver for a close two count. He couldn’t hit a powerbomb, and Scott unloaded with strikes. Reed dropped down, but Scott moved, and he landed hard. Scott hit the House Call for the pin to win.

Result: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott def. Bronson Reed

After the match, Scott recovered while his music started playing. Reed and Scott met in the middle of the ring and shook hands.

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