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Io Shirai defeated Candice LeRae at NXT TakeOver: Toronto 2019

LeRae rushed the ring and tackled Shirai. They tangled while the referee separated them, calling for the bell. Shirai immediately went to the floor. LeRae followed and went right to work on her. She brought it back in, but Shirai attacked her. Shirai went for the sunset flip powerbomb from the apron to the floor, but Candice held on. She still sent her to the floor face-first. Shirai kept control and dropped Candice on top of the announce table with a big suplex. She returned to the squared circle while Candice was down. Candice made it to the ring before the ten counts.

Shirai went right to work on her. She mounted Candice with strikes. Shirai hit a Flapjack and a big kick to the face for a two. She kept Candice grounded. Candice battled up and into the corner, taking Shirai down. She charged and took Shirai down with flying head scissors but Shirai landed on her feet. Shirai nailed a dropkick. She dropped Candice again and kept her grounded, focusing on the neck. However, fans tried to rally for Johnny Gargano‘s wife. Shirai rammed Candice back into the corner, upside down, and then spiked her into the mat for a two count.

Finally, Candice turned it around after a missile dropkick attempt. She backed Shirai into the corner and unloaded with strikes. Candice kept control and hit a Brainbuster for a two count. Shirai went for a 619, but Candice caught it and hit a neckbreaker. Candice covered for a two count. Shirai ended up dropping Candice on her injured neck. She was on the outside when Candice ran the ropes and nailed a massive dive into a DDT on the floor. Candice brought it back in and worked over Shirai for another pin attempt.

Shirai turned it around and applied a Crossface but couldn’t get the win. She drove Candice down, but Candice came back with a snap German suplex. Shirai hit more offense of her own, including a German suplex for a two count. She couldn’t believe it. Shirai drove knees into the corner while Shirai was down. She climbed up and flew with more knees as a counter. Candice slid off Shirai’s shoulders and spiked her into the mat for a pin attempt. She took Shirai to the top and hit a super swinging neckbreaker, but Shirai kicked out.

Meanwhile, fans chanted “this is awesome!” after more back and forth. Shirai took Candice back to the top for a huge Spanish Fly. Fans went wild while Candice kicked out again. Fans chant “Mamma Mia!” Shirai assaulted Candice some more. Candice rolled Shirai up for a two count. Shirai hit more big moves and a top rope moonsault, but Candice was still kicking out. Fans chanted for NXT after the moonsault kick out. Shirai unleashed on Candice in frustration. She applied a Koji Clutch while Candice struggled to get out of the hold Shirai kept the hold locked. Finally, Candice passed out in the hold, and the refereed called the match.

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