The Miz came out first. Tom showed us some of the international announce teams in the arena. Sami Zayn was out next, wearing a neck brace. Fans booed while The Critic of Critics called for his music to be cut. Zayn was disgusted with the disrespect fans to have shown him; as did The Undertaker when he choke-slammed Zayn in Madison Square Garden. He suffered a neck injury. So, the fans cheered the injury. Zayn said he is still here to support the man he liberated. He went on hyping up WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura who came out.

Also, Tom showed us a replay of Zayn and The Deadman from SmackDown Live. We got a formal ring introduction from Hamilton. They locked up and went at it. Zayn started obnoxiously calling the match on the mic while fans booed him. Finally, they cut his mic as Miz fought out of the corner with chops to Nakamura. Miz dropped Nakamura with a knee and hit a running boot to the face for a two count. He took Nakamura back to the corner and worked him over. Miz mocked Nakamura and ended up dropping him on the outside.

However, Zayn got involved at ringside, leading to Nakamura dropping Miz off the distraction. Nakamura worked Miz over on the apron and brought him back into the ring for kicks. He delivered kicks while Miz was on his knees. Miz ducked and dropped Nakamura. Miz took out Nakamura’s leg from the corner. He turned it around and unloaded with kicks in the corner, then a running knee, and another running knee. Miz charged in with a clothesline and Nakamura went down. He climbed to the top for a big pop and delivered a double ax-handle and a close pin attempt.

Miz worked on the leg and knee. He went for the Figure Four, but Nakamura turned it right into an armbar. So, they tangled some more. Miz kicked the leg out and dropped Nakamura with a DDT for a two count. He delivered more “yes!” kicks. Nakamura ducked a kick and rolled him up for a two count. He avoided a Skull Crushing Finale and rocked Miz into the corner while Zayn laughed from ringside. Nakamura hit a kick to the head and a big snap German suplex at the apron. He stomped away in the corner and dropped Miz on his face.

Nakamura showed off some and waited in the corner for Miz to recover. But Miz blocked the Kinshasa and hit another shot to the left leg. He went for the Figure Four and locked it in for a pop in Flair Country. Miz tightened the hold while fans cheered him. Finally, Nakamura grabbed the rope to break the hold. Miz went for another Figure Four, but Nakamura rolled him for a pin attempt. Zayn grabbed Miz’s leg while the referee wasn’t looking. However, Nakamura took advantage with a running knee to the back of the neck for a two count. He waited for another Kinshasa, but Miz ducked and nailed a Skull Crushing Finale for a pop.

Therefore, Zayn got on the apron and stopped the referee to boo. Nakamura rolled to the apron, and Miz stared at Zayn. Miz exited the ring and chased Zayn around. Nakamura caught Miz with a big kick to the face at ringside. He brought Miz back into the ring and nailed a Kinshasa for the pin to retain. After the match, Nakamura stood tall while his music hit. The Critic of Critics came in to join him. Nakamura raised the title while the referee checked on Miz at ringside. Zayn hugged Nakamura and hyped him up to the crowd.


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