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Heavy Machinery faced The Miz & John Morrison in #1 contender match


Heavy Machinery – Otis with his Money In the Bank briefcase, and his partner Tucker came out first. The Miz and John Morrison were out next. The winner of this match will become the new #1 contenders to SmackDown Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Otis started things off with Miz and took control. Otis manhandled Miz some. Miz looked to get an opening but Otis leveled him with a shoulder. Tucker tagged in for some double teaming in the middle of the ring for a two count. Miz ended up hitting a jawbreaker and allowing Morrison to come in but he took Morrison to the mat. Tucker ended up launching Morrison with a big hip toss. Heavy Machinery double teamed Morrison. Otis posed for a pop after they turn Morrison inside out. He hit a big back drop.

Miz ran in but Tucker stopped him and scooped him. Otis scooped Morrison and they collided their opponents, then slammed them. Heavy Machinery kept control, clearing the ring and standing tall together while the crowd pops. Otis ran wild after getting a hot tag. Otis unloaded on Morrison. Miz ran in with an assist, allowing Morrison to nail a springboard kick to the face. He came in and grounded Otis. Morrison tagged in with a running knee while Miz was holding Otis. Miz hit a running boot of his own for a two count.

The Miz tagged back in and Otis fought off the double team. He sent Morrison to the floor. Morrison pulled Tucker to the floor and hit a spinning neck breaker on the floor to lay Tucker out. Miz started kicking a distracted Otis in the ring but it did nothing but get him hyped up. Otis caught a kick and launched Miz over his head with a throw. Morrison came in and also gets dumped on his head. Otis hit the double splash in the corner. He called for the Caterpillar and he hit it on Miz. Otis climbed to the second rope and hit the Vader Bomb for the pin to earn the future title shot.

Result: #1 Contenders – Heavy Machinery

Post-match, Heavy Machinery stood tall in the ring. Morrison ran by and grabbed the Money In the Bank briefcase, and ran away with it. Morrison told them to come back and get him, come take the title from him. Tucker and Otis looked on from the ring.



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