Recently,  Goldberg spoke with about on his SummerSlam match against The Show Off. Also, WWE Hall of Famer opened up about how his match against Ziggler helped him quite a bit. Given that, the bout came after his widely-criticized match against The Undertaker. WWE put forth a highly anticipated match pitting Goldberg against The DeadMan. The matchup took place at WWE’s Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia.

However, the bout shockingly saw both legends messing up different moves. The fans criticized him on social media, but Goldberg has a decent reason for the dull match quality. In the days following the bout, Goldberg found himself on the receiving edge of much criticism over his performance. WWE Hall of Famer told that while he doesn’t respond to critics but he does care about it.

Moreover, he brought up that if fans look at the match objectively, the truth is that he thumped himself out during the match. Goldberg revealed the reason why he lost the match to The Phenom. Also, he revealed that his subsequent fight against Ziggler was important for his self-confidence so that he go through the motions.

Further, WCW legend admitted that he’s excessively critical of himself and that it’s both a gift and a curse. It has helped him evolve into the man he is today. Goldberg featured that he’s continually endeavoring to be superior to every other person, and the SummerSlam bout against Ziggler helped him do only that.

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