WWE is live, really live. Maybe it’s a mic mishap or surprising arrival, but you never know what’s gonna happen. And sometimes that involves superstar’s gears. Check out these five memorable wardrobe malfunctions.

The Red Queen lost her top

Anticipation was building for Eva Marie’s re-debut after the 2016 WWE brand extension dress. She was set to make it against SmackDown’s top female draft pick, Becky Lynch. It was not meant to be though. Her first match never started because Eva tweaked her knee during her entrance. Then, on August 9th, just moments before the bell rang, Eva lost her top. Becky laughed but Eva was freaked out, ordering the referee to give her a towel and running to the locker room. Eva never had that match against Lynch.

The Phenomenal One competed with a hole over his backside

A Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match can change a superstar’s career, even when you win and leave something behind. Just ask AJ Styles, who retained his WWE title at TLC 2016 but lost something, a piece of his gear. Styles competed with a hole over his backside, thanks to a rip from a bed chair during the match. It was such a phenomenon that one fan even recreates the gear in WWE2K. And Styles reference the mishap on SmackDown Live.

The Goddess didn’t tighten her boots very well

Alexa Bliss didn’t come to April 29, 2019, episode of RAW ready to compete. So, when Naomi challenged The Goddess to an impromptu to battle. Bliss initially refused because she didn’t even have her proper boot, she had to borrow. Alexa attempted to stall the match by slowly tying her lace, but the match started anyway before she was ready. Bliss was dominant when she tied her boots, but she didn’t tighten them very well, because Naomi accidentally pulled off her footwear. Alexa yelled at referee that she wasn’t ready for the bout. She turned around to the Rear View.

HBK got his jacket betrayed him

Shawn Michaels has some of the most stylish jackets in WWE history. But on the May 9, 2005 episode of RAW, Michaels’ jacket betrayed him.  HBK drooped to his knees for the signature entrance, but couldn’t get up because a piece of the jacket was struck on the entrance. Michaels briefly did a snow angel on the ramp before finally giving up and abandoning the jacket. HBK had to laugh about the mishap, but it must have thrown him off his game because he lost it.

Jake the Snake ripped off Ric Rudes’ tights

Ric Rude caught an eye for Jake Roberts’ wife, Cheryl Roberts, in 1998. And as a tribute to Mrs. Roberts, he had her face plastered on his tights. It was a bold move, but Rude was full of them. Anyway, Jake the Snake didn’t appreciate seeing his wife’s likeness on Rude’s personal areas. He warned Rude never to wear these tights again. Jake charged down the ring to take down his rival and ripped off Rudes’ tights, leaving him naked in the squared circle.


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