Finn Balor came out and took the mic while fans started a “Finn!” chant. Balor said he’s not a moves guy, he’s not an internet guy, he’s not a stooge to the office politics guy, but when the bell rings he’s The Guy. Fans chanted his name again. Balor said he builds brands. Japan, done it. Mexico, done it. Intercontinental Title, done it. Universal Title, done it. NXT Title, done it. Balor said it’s WrestleMania season and everyone is trying to peak for WrestleMania but he’s been at his peak for 20 years. So, fans continued to cheer Balor on.

Balor said the big question is – what’s next for Finn Balor? Who else is going to get that Finn Rub? Balor went on about who he’s defeated until the music interrupted and Imperium’s Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner came out to a pop. Barthel took the mic and said there’s something Balor hasn’t done. He went on about how Imperium controls the ring and said NXT UK Champion WALTER would like to send his regards. So, fans were chanting “WALTER!” Barthel tossed the mic as if they were about to attack.

Balor attacked first, dropkicking him through the ropes. He took out both of them at ringside and hit a big Slingblade on Barthel. Balor went to put Aichner down again but Barthel leapt off the steel ring steps with a big flying uppercut. Barthel and Aichner destroyed Balor at ringside, leaving him laid out against the steel steps. They posed over Balor, who was clutching the back of his head. The two Imperium representatives marched back to the back.


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