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Finn Balor dared the NXT roster & Matt Riddle had a shocking answer

Finn Balor came out to a big pop. He played the cool heel. Balor marched to the ring, posing for the camera, pointing his “guns” twice. The music stopped, and Balor took the mic to a mixed reaction. He said this is it, this is NXT now? What happened to this place, what happened to this business? This business he loved. Balor used to be proud of this place, but now it’s a joke. He said Johnny Gargano was the heart of NXT; he was what all the hype was for?

Balor said he built this place, but then a bunch of little boys moved in. All crying on social media and looking for sympathy from everyone when they get hurt. Moreover, he said don’t get him started on Matt Riddle, who got dropped last week and hasn’t been seen since. Balor said he’s begging for someone to step in the ring with him. Suddenly, Riddle entered the ring and attacked Balor. He unloaded on Balor while fans chanted “Bro!” Balor fought out of the corner and took the brawl to the floor.

They went into the barrier, and Riddle kicked Balor over it into the crowd. Balor retreated while Riddle took the mic and taunted him for running. Riddle called Balor a “little putz” and said he’s right here. However, the music hit, and The Undisputed Era came out. They were focused, surrounding the ring, and Riddle was standing in the center. Balor looked on from near the stage.

Cole warned Riddle as The Undisputed Era went to enter the ring, but the music hit, and Tommaso Ciampa came out with Keith Lee. They join Riddle in the ring. Further, Cole asked them if they’re stupid and saw what happened on SmackDown and RAW. Plus, he went on about how they’re the most dominant force in all of WWE. Lee didn’t give a damn. He invited them in the ring for a fight. Lee went on about how The Undisputed Era stood toe to toe with main roster Superstars, but will Cole face off with him now?

Strong yelled at Lee and defended Cole, calling Lee an idiot and a big dummy. Fan booed while Strong went on about Cole deserving a night off. Strong volunteered to fight, and Lee said he’s not that picky. So, the fans started chanting for Lee as the two sides faced off. Several referees ran down and got in between the two teams. Lee and Strong got ready for a match.

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