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Fatal 5 Way Match | Winner Advances to NXT TakeOver


At the beginning of the match “All These Guys” chants broke out.  Black and Ricochet targeted Cole while Dream and Riddle went outside. Dream joined the rest inside, sending Riddle into the guardrail. Dream rolled up Black while Cole and Ricochet moved out. Aleister kicked out and took Dream down with a stomp from the corner. The North American Champion step-up DVD is avoiding a dive & a leg sweep.

The former NXT Champion rolled Dream up, but he kicked out. A boot from the Dutch Destroyer leveled him, but Cole pulled him before Black could follow up. Ricochet turned Dream inside out with head scissors & a dropkick. The King of Bros rushed the ring went after Black and dropped him with three gut-wrench suplexes. Adam Cole came in & connected with an engziguri to the Riddle. Former Champion & Ricochet took him out.

Now, the Tag Team partners stared at each other down, in the ring by themselves. They shook hands and circled the ring while Cole interrupted sending Ricochet into Black. Adam brought Ricochet down on his neck with a belly to back dive, but he kicked out. Dream Stunned Cole while Cole sent him into the ropes, but he slid to the outside. Dream rolled inside where he nearly met Purple Rainmaker, but Matt Riddle caught him with a German Suplex.

Aleister came in to put an end to Matt, but get locked in the Bromission and Ricochet broke it up. Black & Dream were the two men standing in the ring again. Former Champion leveled Velveteen with a Kick. Adam Cole came in, and Black took both superstars down with a springboard moonsault. When the interrupter rolled outside, Aleister set up for Black Mass. The Undisputed Era’s leader pulled Black out and slung him into the steel stairs.

Cole met Riddle back inside the squared circle. Riddle threw chops while Adam threw elbows. Matt countered and locked in Bromission while Velveteen Dream broke it up. The three-man traded stiff shots all on their knees. The superstars fought to their feet & The Velveteen was last one standing. Dream connected Cole with a Super Kick and stunned Riddle with a Knee. Ricochet caught him with a handspring enziguri. But Adam Cole rocked Ricochet with a Super Kick.

Black and Riddle traded high kicks to their jaws after Riddle dropped Cole with a jumping knee. Ricochet was the first to his feet and went up top for the 630. Adam met Ricochet after Dream then Aleister & finally Matt.  A tower launched him across the ring leaving the rest of them struggling to get a breath. Except for Black and Dream, everyone rolled out.

In the end, Dream planted Aleister in the middle of the ring with the DVD. Ricochet sent him onto the Black as he went to the top. He stunned dropped Coel with a Super Hurricanrana and Shooting Star Press to Matt nearly give him win. The last strike from Adam Cole stopped him & get the biggest win of the year. The Undisputed Era leader will face Johnny Gargano for the NXT Championship in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match at NXT TakeOver: NewYork.




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