Michael Cole inquires as to whether Becky bit off beyond what she can bite with her never-back-down attitude. But the audience promptly drones “Becky 2 Belts”.  Becky Lynch discloses to Lacey Evans that she will disintegrate under the splendid lights at Money in the Bank. Lynch advises Evans to ask her sister that it is so difficult to beat The Man. Lacey Evans says that she’s happy she’s not by any means the only one dressed for an agreement marking and not a bar brawl. Becky hits back soliciting, you’ve never been to one of these, have you?

Charlotte Flair told Becky Lynch that she never learns in spite of having everything. The Queen said that she strolls into a circumstance that she’s never going to win. Becky Lynch discloses to Charlotte that she’s still severe that Becky made the history that Charlotte felt she was owed. Charlotte Flair was naturally introduced to wrestling eminence and prepared by the McMahon’s to get results. The results she hasn’t been getting against her. Charlotte tells Becky Lynch that she’s shaky and desirous and the championships aren’t sufficient to conceal it. Lady of WWE receives a ton of warmth when she endeavors to talk.

The Lady pledges to reestablish class back to the RAW Women’s Championship. Lacey Evans focused down and said that Lynch could keep on swinging something she doesn’t have. Becky said that you need to see me swing something, hit me with the right, inciting Evans to stir up some dust. Lacey Evans signs the agreement and flips the table over, and started a fight. The Man begins solid while it’s a 2-on-1 circumstance. However, Evans and Charlotte group up, sending Becky Lynch through the table together. What a night it will be for The Irish Lass Kicker.


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