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Erik & Ivar collided with Ryder & Hawkins in hard hitting tag bout

A down period for Erik & Ivar might finally be coming to an end.

Erik showed his power advantage early on in this match. Ryder finally got a goofy distraction on Erik. Hawkins hit a big knee for a two count. Ryder tagged in and swung away on Erik. He nailed a reverse chinlock, but Erik worked his way back to his feet, then gets tossed out of the ring. Hawkins hit a flying clothesline off the apron. Back in the ring, Erik continued to get worn down, but finally landed a big forearm that dropped Hawkins.

Ryder and Ivar tagged in at the same time. Ivar went on with a shoulder block, side slam, flying crossbody, and then a seated senton. He avoided Hawkins with a cartwheel and dropped him with a lariat. Erik came in the ring and lifted a charging Ryder up and over his head. Ryder ended up giving a rough ryder to Hawkins. Erik hit a big knee strike, viking experience to Hawkins for the pin to win the match.

Result: The Vikings def. Zack Ryder & Kurt Hawkins



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