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Erick Rowan defeated Roman Reigns in No Disqualification Match – Luke Harper returned

Roman Reigns came out first. Erick Rowan was out next. Rowan charged the ring and Reigns jumped out to meet him at ringside. They fought and brought it in. The bell rang. Reigns mounted Rowan in the corner and unloaded with strikes while the fans counted along. He looked to go for a Spear, but Rowan dropped him with an elbow. Rowan brought it back out and worked Reigns over on the outside. He whipped Reigns into the barrier, and he landed hard.

Rowan unloaded with more big offense on the outside, using the barrier and the announce table. He launched Roman into the barricade once again, and then the edge of the steel steps. Rowan charged, but Reigns moved, and Rowan hit the steps shoulder-first. He grabbed half of the steps while Reigns brought a kendo stick from under the ring.

Rowan hit first, launching the steps at Reigns, sending him over the barrier. He delivered a kendo stick shot in the crowd. Rowan fought Reigns through the crowd, keeping control. He hit big trash can shot over Reigns while talking trash. Rowan played to the fans while they also talked trash to him. Reigns battled back and knocked Rowan over the barricade to the ringside area. He followed and hit a big Drive-By, sending Rowan into the ring post.

Reigns took apart one of the announce table while fans cheered him on. Rowan ran over and launched himself at Reigns, leveling him in front of the announce table. He brought it back into the ring and worked Reigns over. Rowan hit a boot to the face. He sent Reigns into the corner and put a boot to his head. Rowan slammed Reigns and stood over him. He dropped an elbow and then a splash.

Rowan went to the second rope and waited. Finally, Reigns got up, and Rowan leveled him with a corkscrew elbow for a close pip attempt. Rowan ran and kicked Reigns, yelling at him to stay down. However, the fans chanted “we want tables!” Rowan hit another running kick to the gut. So, he showed some frustration. Rowan missed a clothesline and Reigns sent him over the top, but he landed on his feet.

He grabbed Reigns’ leg and pulled him to the floor, and then threw him into the ring post. Rowan took part in the ringside LED board off. He slammed Reigns face-first into the exposed portion of the apron and then launched himself at him. Rowan brought Reigns back in for a two count. He again showed more frustration and argued with the referee. Rowan grabbed half of the steps and brought them into the ring.

He waited for Reigns to get back up. Reigns ducked the stairs shot. He was barely able to scoop Rowan up for a Samoan Drop, but Rowan kicked out. Rowan charged but missed in the corner. Reigns took the stairs and dropped Rowan with a shot to the face. He hit a Superman Punch for a close pin attempt. Reigns rolled to the floor and leaped off another set of ring steps, flew at Rowan with a Superman Punch. But Rowan caught him in mid-air with ease and power bombed him through an announce table.

He brought Reigns back into the ring and Reigns somehow kicked out. Rowan couldn’t believe it. He brought Reigns out and into the timekeeper’s area. Rowan hit a ring bell shot to the back of the neck as he fought Reigns back into the crowd area. They clashed over to a production area with Rowan keeping control. Reigns blocked a shot into a production case and fought back with strikes to Rowan.

Rowan blocked a shot and used the Iron Claw to drive Reigns down onto a production table. He talked some trash and scooped Roman on his shoulders. Rowan carried Reigns over and dropped him on the stage. He grabbed the jib camera as he did on RAW. Reigns grabbed a piece of production equipment and rocked Rowan with it. He grabbed the jib camera and this time used it on Rowan, sending it into him.

Reigns delivered another shot to the face with the jib camera. He charged and nailed a Superman Punch, knocking Rowan down the ramp. Reigns went back to the stage and ran down the length of the ramp for a big Spear, but Luke Harper appeared with a big boot to Reigns’ face. Harper and Rowan embraced at ringside. They brought Reigns into the ring and continued to destroy him after taking him out at ringside.

Rowan delivered another Iron Claw and covered Reigns for the pin to win. The Bludgeon Brothers stood tall over Reigns after the match while the music hit. Reigns recovered in the ring while Rowan and Harper looked on from the stage.

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