The Viper attacked Edge following his return at the 2020 Royal Rumble PPV and brutally assaulted him with a chair. He then attacked Matt Hardy and Edge’s wife WWE Hall of Famer, Beth Phoenix. The rivalry culminated at WrestleMania 36, with Edge coming out victorious  in a Last Man Standing match.

WWE Hall of Famer Edge made an appearance on the latest edition of WWE Backstage. The Rated-R Superstar opened up on his rivalry with Randy Orton. He said that he knew from the very beginning that he had to kick off his WWE return with a feud with Orton. Former World Champion went on to state that no one is better than Orton when he is motivated and sinks his teeth into it.

“When he can sink his teeth into something, there’s no one better, there really isn’t. And I knew, he would be able to sink his teeth into this. When Randy’s motivated, when Randy is really into something, and that goes to promos, that goes to work, that goes to everything, he’s always top-notch. He can take it to another level, that he doesn’t realize he has. And that was the case.”


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