Edge & Christian took on questions from the fans at this week’s E&C Pod of Awesomeness.  They reflected their thoughts on The Fiend and involving Bo Dallas in the Firefly Fun House. However, Edge thinks that The fiend need not be linked with his real-life brother, as it should be a standalone character.  WWE Hall of Famer stated;

“I think The Fiend needs to be established more first and then you can start playing with it.”

Also, Captain Charishma agreed with the Rated-R Superstar regarding the inclusion of more characters in the Firefly Fun House segments. The Fiend is the most interesting character in WWE right now. The veterans agree with the WWE Universe that the eerie persona of Bray Wyatt blew the minds. However, Christian commented,

“I think that if you add somebody else into it, takes away from that weirdness and craziness, in my opinion.”

The legends think that WWE must refrain from diminishing the essence of The Fiend.

Factors while choosing their entrance video

Moreover, a fan put forward a question about what were the factors they considered when they chose their entrance music. Edge stated that he only had a say over his entrance music only when he realized that he didn’t like his initial entrance themes.

“I did not like my initial entrance music, and I realized pretty quickly that okay, I’m gonna have to try and take this by the reins if I want something that I like and feel when I walk to the ring because I want to feel it, you know? And get amped-up from it.”

Which promotion new wrestler should join?

Further, Edge answered to what promotion rookie wrestlers should join. He didn’t seem to understand the meaning behind “wrestling-match quality standpoint.” So, WWE Hall of Famer sarcastically replied that he would choose the promotion that will pay him the most.

“Whoever pays me the most. That’s where I’d go. I mean, there should be no other answer. So, there you go.”


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