MVP was in the ring with the setup for The VIP Lounge. Some fans chanted his name. He gave an intro and said he gave back because he had an itch to scratch, and he’s still ballin’ like Roddy Ricch. MVP went on and introduced his guest for tonight. Drew McIntyre came out for a pop. He marched down the ramp. Two guys stopped him at the bottom of the ramp, who weren’t sure about letting him through MVP’s red ropes.

They wanted to check his name on the guest list but he powered past them and hit the ring. MVP gave Drew some props for doing things his own way and they mention the WrestleMania 36 match with WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. Drew joked about pointing to the sign and he did for a pop. MVP wanted Drew to keep his eye on the prize and ignore what the non-VIP people are saying behind his back. He went on about how some people think Drew isn’t ready to be champion. Not MVP, but some people.

MVP went on but there’s some tension brewing. He wanted to be Drew’s business manager, to help guide him. Drew said that’s the catch. He said maybe MVP could be his Paul Heyman. MVP agreed but he would be a much better looking version. Drew said the difference between he and Lesnar is that he doesn’t need an external brain thinking for him, someone talking for him, or a business partner kissing his ass like MVP is doing.

MVP says Drew knows better, he’s never been an ass kisser, but he is an ass kicker. They faced off for a second. Drew went to leave but MVP grabbed his arm and told him not to turn his back because he needs MVP. He dropped MVP with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt. Drew got hyped up and took his shirt and jacket off while fans popped. He counted down from three and dropped MVP with a Claymore kick when he got up.

Drew mocked the “Ballin'” gesture for a laugh from the crowd. He posed in the corner and pointed up at the WrestleMania sign as his music hit. Drew marched out of the ring and stopped to intimidate the guys controlling access to The VIP Lounge. He posed on the stage and yelled out one more time to end the segment.


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