McIntyre had to step outside the WWE, to gain a new perspective, put the pieces together, learn how to be a main-event performer, and fulfill his potential.  After having performed for several other promotions since 2014, he aimed to return to the NXT brand in 2017. McIntyre was well aware that the NXT fans are knowledgeable about what happens outside the WWE realm. Working in NXT meant a lot to him, especially winning the NXT title as well as leading the brand and its locker room.

The WWE 2020 Royal Rumble winner Drew McIntyre opened up on a myriad of topics during the interview with EGO TOTAL. McIntyre addressed Roman Reigns stepping away from the ring due to leukemia in late-2018. In addition, he weighed in on the perspective he developed after stepping away from the WWE in 2014. McIntyre discussed his return to the company, winning the NXT Championship and being a locker room leader in NXT.

Reigns revealed to the world that he’d been battling leukemia for several years, and he’d relapsed once again. The announcement shocked everyone in WWE. McIntyre also said that no one cared about the wrestling aspect of Reigns’ announcement.  They were all concerned about the man behind the Roman Reigns character – Joe Anoa’i and his health.

McIntyre added that they’re updated about his health during Reigns’ time away from the ring. He stayed positive as did everyone in the WWE. McIntyre highly admired Reigns for having a fighting spirit and the blood of a warrior. The Savage Scotsman stating that he wrestled Reigns after The Big Dog’ in-ring return, and Reigns hadn’t missed a step.

“The time away from the company gave me the opportunity and the perspective that I didn’t maximize my time in the WWE.” 

McIntyre on the guy he wants to wrestle

While speaking with Israeli channel, McIntyre revealed he has been trying to wrestle AJ Styles over the past several years. Even though they both have been in the WWE for quite a while now – they’ve hardly ever been on the same brand.  He believes that they can have great matches and do many cool things together.  McIntyre is looking forward to competing against The Phenomenal One in the future

“When I came back to Raw, he was on SmackDown. Now, we are both on Raw, and the person I’d like to wrestle that would be AJ Styles.”


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