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Drew McIntyre Posted a Video Regarding Roman Reigns’ Backstage Incident


After a structure fell on Roman Reigns in the backstage area on this week’s SmackDown Live, he narrowly escaped. Now, Drew McIntyre has posted a video on social media regarding the incident.  Plus, The Scottish Psychopath cleared that he wasn’t the one who attacked Reigns.

Roman Reigns headed toward the Kayla Brixton for a backstage interview during the latest edition of SmackDown Live. A stage structure fell on The Big Dog as he was approaching WWE Interviewer to tell who he wants to face at SummerSlam. Somehow, The Big Dog figured to escape without having any severe injury. However, Reigns looked completely confused about what just happened. Plus, The Big Dog denied getting any help by saying that he’s fine and walked away.

Thus, the backstage accident led pro-wrestling fans to wonder who attacked Roman Reigns. The company hasn’t made any announcement as of this moment. But rumours are suggesting that Daniel Bryan was the mystery attacker. As per reports concerning the talks that Reigns will get into a fight with Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam PPV. The Scottish Psychopath targeted Reigns on the road to this year’s Show of Shows. He has had an extended rivalry with The Big Dog.

McIntyre’s Twitter Video

McIntyre ranted on the backstage incident from this recent SmackDown Live – in a video on Twitter. Also, he expressed that his name is among the ones who could attack Reigns. Plus, McIntyre said he likes to beat up The Big Dog and brag about it. You can hear his wife, Renee Michelle, calling McIntyre to return to the bed. Following this, The Scottish Psychopath took a shot at Drake Maverick concerning to the current angle with his wife.

Now, The Biggest Event of Summer is not so far. So, we won’t have to wait long enough for the big announcement.



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