Recently, Drew McIntyre sat down with Alex McCarthy from talkSPORT. The 2020 WWE Royal Rumble winner discussed several aspects of his road to WrestleMania 36. Alex asked the #1 contender for WWE title which match should headline one of the nights. Drew stated that it’s not easy choosing a match to headline one of the nights, with there being two strong contenders.

The Savage Scotsman added that Roman Reigns vs. Goldberg is for the Universal Championship, and deserves the main-event. Meanwhile, Edge and Randy Orton have convincingly built up an incredibly personal rivalry. So, he ended up picking Randy Orton vs. Edge as the match that should headline WrestleMania 36.

“Edge and Randy, myself and Brock, we’re probably going to put in a little bit more time, so that’s another reason why. I don’t know that by the way, that’s just how I feel.”

“Realistically, the title was taken off him, he didn’t lose it. He has a great story to tell, but I just think he’s going to run Goldberg over pretty quick and the story behind Edge and Randy, the nine years, the fact that in this particular setting they’re going to thrive in it, I’d put it last – on night one! Brock and I are obviously night two.”


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