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Drew Gulak secured an Intercontinental Title opportunity for Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania


Drew Gulak came out with Daniel Bryan while Greg Hamilton did the introductions. Shinsuke Nakamura was out next with Cesaro and WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn. If Gulak wins this match, Bryan gets the WrestleMania 36 title shot from Zayn. Zayn joined Cole on commentary. Nakamura took control early on and beat Gulak down. Nakamura drove knees and kept control.

Gulak eventually explode out of the corner and unloaded on Nakamura. He took Nakamura against the ropes and beat him down while the referee warned him. Cesaro pulled Nakamura to safety on the outside. The referee talked to Gulak and warned him in the ring. Gulak ended up on the outside as Nakamura delivered big kicks against the announce table, while Sami yelled at him. Bryan walked over and Sami yelled at him.

Nakamura brought Gulak back into the ring but Gulak went for the leg and turned it around. Gulak worked on the leg some more while Nakamura was tied up in the ropes. He unloaded on Nakamura in the corner while Cesaro talked trash from the floor. Gulak missed a running kick in the corner. Nakamura hit a flying knee from the second rope for a two count.

Bryan tried to rally for Gulak at ringside. Nakamura had Gulak grounded. He drove a knee and kept control. They get back up and traded strikes but Nakamura rocked Gulak and slammed him face-first into the mat. Nakamura called for the Kinshasa but Bryan provided an assist, pushing Gulak out of the way. This allowed Gulak to get the pin for the win.

Result: Drew Gulakdef. Shinsuke Nakamura

After the match, Gulak and Bryan celebrate. Bryan is going to WrestleMania to face Zayn for the title. Sami threw a fit and yelled out. Bryan and Gulak continued taunting Sami and his crew from the ramp.



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