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Dominik Mysterio battled Murphy in an epic Street Fight

The Mysterio Family came out first for tonight’s Street Fight main event. Dominik was carrying a kendo stick. Rey stood in the ring with his son while the sister and mother was cheering on from ringside. They were also carrying kendo stick hots. Murphy was out next for the main event and the crowd boos. The bell hit and Murphy nailed a running knee to start. Murphy took it to ringside and launched Dominik into the barrier. He launched Dominik over the announce table.

Murphy walked over and stared down the family some. He turned back to Dominik but Dominik unloaded and mounted some offense. Dominik launched Murphy over the announce table. Murphy turned it around at ringside and ended up sending Dominik hard into the corner, putting him back down.  The family watched with kendo sticks while Dominik was unloading on Murphy at ringside. They fought on the stage. More back and forth on the stage, back down to the ringside area. Murphy ran and slammed Dominik head-first on the steel ramp.

The referee checked on Dominik as the family looked concerned. Murphy worked Dominik over while he’s down and dazed. Murphy tod the family to move. He went to put Dominik’s face into the steel ring steps but Dominik fought him off for a pop. Murphy landed a big kick. Dominik gets slammed over the top of the barrier, falling over the other side where the virtual fans are. Murphy sat on the apron and waited for the referee to count. Murphy smiled while Rey looked concerned for his son.

Murphy brought it back in and grabbed a steel chair but Dominik was back on the floor. Murphy followed and nailed a few steel chair shots at ringside. Rey and his wife look on, worried about their son. Murphy brought it back in the ring and covered for a two count. He brought it back in for an abdominal stretch on the mat, making Dominik scream out. The crowd started to rally for Dominik. Dominik tried to turn it around but Murphy shut the attempt down. Dominik finally sent Murphy over the top rope to the floor for a break.

Dominik looked to make a comeback but Murphy rocked him and launched him shoulder-first into the corner a few times, right in front of the family. Murphy tied Dominik up in the ropes. Murphy approached with a kendo stick but Dominik kicked him in the face. Rey intercepted Murphy’s kendo stick from ringside. Murphy went under the ring for a weapon while Angie and Aliyah free Dominik from the ropes.

Dominik ran under the bottom rope, nailing a huge Sunset Bomb to put Murphy through the table against the barrier. He ended up bringing it back in after the hard table bump and hitting a big Frogsplash for two. Dominik came back and trapped Murphy in the ropes. Dominik unloaded with kendo stick shots. Rey entered the ring with his stick and addresses the camera, telling Seth Rollins he hopes he’s watching from home because payback is a b—h. Father and son unloaded with kendo stick shots while Murphy was trapped in the ropes.

Aliyah and Angie entered the ring. Aliyah hit a kendo stick to Murphy’s exposed ribs. Rey tried to get Angie to swing the stick but she’s not ready. She finally gave in and the whole family continues delivering kendo stick shots to an exposed Murphy while he’s trapped in the ropes. The referee finally called the match.

Result: Dominik def. Murphy

– After the bell, the whole family celebrated as Murphy fell out of the ropes. Murphy was down on the mat. The Mysterio Family grabbed their kendo sticks again and unloaded with dozens of kendo stick shots to Murphy while he’s down. Murphy toook a few dozen more kendo stick shots from Rey, Dominik, Angie and Aliyah.