Isaiah “Swerve” Scott came out first. Dominik Dijakovic was out next. The bell rang, and they faced off before locking up. Scott delivered some offense and showed off. Dijakovic caught Scott and manhandled him some, slamming him over his knee and tossing him across the ring. He mounted Scott and worked him over. Dijakovic continued to dominate for a two count. He kept control and hit a Pendulum backbreaker, and then a big splash from the second rope.

Scott stayed in the match while some fans tried to rally for him. He came back with a big Flatliner. So, a few from the crowd chanted “Swerve!” Scott dropped Dijakovic with a big kick and launched himself at Dijakovic off the ropes. He came in from the apron and hit a big German. Dijakovic countered into the turnbuckles, but Scott hit a House Call and a big DDT for another pin attempt. Scott mounted an offense, but Dijakovic cut him off and hit a big Chokebomb for a two count.

Nigel mentioned Scott being a former EVOLVE Champion while some fans tried to rally for him. Dijakovic got up first and talked trash. He kept looking in Scott’s face, laughing back at him. Scott countered with a big modified Hurricanrana. He went on and hit a big double stomp from the top to the apron. Scott ran the ropes and turned Dijakovic inside out with a big lariat. He covered for a two count. Scott blocked a big shot and hit another House Call. The finish saw Dijakovic hitting Feast Your Eyes for the pin to win.


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