Dominik Dijakovic came out first. Killian Dain was out next. We saw video from their confrontation at the WWE Performance Center earlier today. The bell rang and Dain went right for Dijakovic. They brawled into the corner and Dijakovic turned it around. Dijakovic came off the ropes with a big axe handle. Dain turned it around and worked Dijakovic over against the ropes. He clotheslined Dijakovic over the top to the floor.

Dijakovic turned it around on the floor and sent Dain into the steel ring steps. He hit a big cannonball. Dijakovic brought it back in the ring and went for a discus clothesline but Dain cut him off with a big crossbody. After the break, they traded strikes. Dijakovic launched Dain with a big suplex. He nailed a Chokebomb in the middle of the ring for a two count. Dijakovic went to the top but Dain climbed up for a superplex and nailed it. Dain didn’t try for a pin.

Further, Dijakovic hit a big kick after they get up. Dain came right back with a big kick of his own. Dijakovic leveled Dain with a big boot for a two count. He climbed back to the top for a moonsault but Dain moved. Dain hit a big dropkick and a senton in the corner. He went to the second rope for a Vader Bomb but Dijakovic grabbed his leg. Dijakovic hit a big boot to the face while Dain was still in position for the Vader Bomb. He nailed a big Feast Your Eyes out of the corner, covering for the pin to win.

After the match, Dijakovic looked on from the stage, talking trash about dominating. So, Mauro confirmed Dijakovic vs. NXT North American Champion Keith Lee for Takeover in Portland. Lee came walking out to the stage while fans started chanting for him. They had somewhat friendly words and ended up shaking hands as Lee walked off.


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