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Dominik Dijakovic battled “NXT’s Resident Thicc Boi” in Brooklyn


Dominik Dijakovic made his way out. Bronson Reed was out next. The bell hit and they locked up. They traded a few counters and Dijakovic controlled Reed in the middle of the ring. Reed fought out of a hold but Dijakovic landed on his feet. Dijakovic went right back to the headlock to wear Reed down. Reed fought out and applied a headlock of his own. Dijakovic hit another headlock on Reed.

They bumped in the middle of the ring with shoulders. They collided again but Dijakovic rocked Reed. Reed fired back with a chop. Dijakovic hit a headlock. Reed avoided a suplex. He ended up dropping Dijakovic with a shoulder. Reed sat down on Dijakovic’s back, arms crossed, and grounds him. Further, they traded stiff strikes. Reed hit a forearm and a big German suplex. He hit a running back splash in the corner for a two count.

Reed hit a suplex in the middle of the ring for another pin attempt. He charged in the corner and leapt but Dijakovic moved. Dijakovic delivered elbows and more strikes in the corner. He went for a suplex but Reed resisted. Dijakovic pounded on Reed and went for the suplex again but couldn’t get him up. Dijakovic finally tossed Reed with a suplex attempt but Reed still kicked out at two. He tried to set Reed up for Feast Your Eyes but Reed unloaded with elbows.

More back and forth until Reed hit a knee to the face and a headbutt. Reed charged but Dijakovic leveled him with a huge Cyclone kick for a two count. Dijakovic climbed to the top and nailed a big moonsault but Reed still kicked out. Dijakovic couldn’t believe it. So, fans chanted “NXT!”  Dijakovic went for the throat but Reed blocked it and headbutted Dijakovic’s hand. Reed fought Dijakovic off some more.

Dijakovic hit a superkick but Reed nailed a big Thesz Press from the top for a two count. Reed played to the crowd for some cheers. He climbed to the top to fly but Dijakovic cut him off and rocked him with the hurt arm from the headbutts. Dijakovic climbed up for the superplex but Reed fought him and headbutted him to the mat. Reed looked to fly but Dijakovic came back and grabbed him by the throat. He countered but Dijakovic turned that into a super Choke Bomb from the top for the pin to win.

Result: Dominik Dijakovic def. Bronson Reed

After the match, Dijakovic sell the hand injury and stood tall to have his arm raised.



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