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Dominick Mysterio revealed how Eddie Guerrero helped him shoot controversial custody angle

A much-awaited edition of WWE Untold titled “Rey, Eddie & The Rumble” is all set to premiere tonight on the WWE Network. It’ll focus on Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio’s heated rivalry from 2005 – Guerrero’s untimely death & Rey dedicating his Royal Rumble 2006 victory to Eddie. Now, WWE Network’s official twitter handle has posted a sneak peek of the episode. The clip shows Dominick Mysterio discussing the controversial storyline involving himself, Eddie, and his father in 2005.

Soon after WrestleMania 21, the rivalry between Mysterio and Guerrero kicked off with Dominick getting involved later on. With the papers for Dominick’s custody hanging above the ring, the two competed in a Ladder match at SummerSlam 2005. Mysterio won the match, thus putting an end to the rivalry.

“I remember very vividly the scene where I was filming with Eddie in the park. We did maybe 5 or 6 takes, and after every take, he would ask me, “Are you ok?”, and then he would hand me a twizzler. I believe I was in third grade at the time. Everyone would ask me, “So, who really is your dad? Is it Eddie? Is it Rey?” And I’d be like, “Well, it’s Rey.” That was always the question every time I got back. Still to this day, people are like, “So who really is your dad?”

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