Daniel Bryan came out with Drew Gulak. They tried to get the “yes!” chant going for the empty arena. Here came the commercial.

After the break, we saw Bryan and Gulak warming up together in the ring. Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura came out with WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn leading them to the ring. Greg Hamilton did the introductions. Bryan started things off with Nakamura and they traded holds, sizing each other up. Sami joined Cole on commentary. Bryan took control and tagged in Gulak for a quick double team. Cesaro made his way in but Gulak took him down with a scissors and grounded him.

More back and forth. Bryan fought back and connected with an uppercut. Nakamura tagged in Cesaro as he kicked Bryan. Bryan sent Nakamura out to the floor. He ended up sending Nakamura over the table, almost into Sami’s lap. Cesaro unloaded, taking out both opponents with power moves while Sami was standing up and cheering him on. Cesaro had words with the referee while the others were down on the outside. Here came the commercial.

After the break, the heels keep control. Cesaro worked Bryan around and tagged Nakamura back in. Nakamura dropped Bryan and hit a big knee drop for another two count. Cesaro tagged in and they kept Bryan grounded, working him around and back into the corner. He delivered a big right hand. Cesaro whipped Bryan in the corner and kept following up with running European uppercuts. Nakamura and Gulak tagged in at the same time. Gulak nailed a big dropkick. He unloaded with strikes against the ropes while the referee warned him.

Gulak hit a big German suplex for a close two count. They tangled on the mat and Nakamura applied an armbar. Gulak turned it into a two count. Nakamura leveled Gulak with a big kick to the jaw out of nowhere. The heels double teamed but Gulak kicked out at two. Cesaro hit another big uppercut and more offense on Gulak. Bryan ended up dropped out on the floor and Sami taunted him. Gulak fought off Cesaro and Nakamura in the ring, looking for a comeback.

Gulak managed to level Nakamura with a big clothesline and they both went down. He couldn’t tag because Bryan was still down on the floor. Cesaro and Gulak went at it in the middle of the ring. Gulak kept fighting Cesaro off. Bryan came back to the apron and tagged in for the double team. He ended up rolling Cesaro for the pin while Gulak stopped Nakamura from coming back in to make the save.

Result: Daniel Bryan & Drew Gulak def. Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro

After the match, Sami yelled at the referee and claimed Bryan wasn’t legal. Bryan and Gulak started celebrating and they talked some trash back to Sami.


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