Daniel Bryan made his way out the next match in the tournament for the vacant WWE Intercontinental Title. He waited in the ring as his partner Drew Gulak came out to wrestle him.

They sized each other up and went at it. Bryan took Gulak down but Gulak locked in a scissors. More back and forth as they got to their feet. Bryan took Gulak down by the arm and they traded holds again. They went on and locked up again. Bryan took Gulak back down and they rolled around on the mat. Gulak locked in a scissors. Bryan got the bottom rope again and the referee counted. Bryan and Gulak stared each other down before locking up again.

Gulak blocked a double underhook and back-dropped Bryan in the middle of the ring. Bryan kept it locked and slammed Gulak, going right into the armbar attempt. More back and forth and pin attempts on the mat. They locked up again. Bryan focused on the arm as they traded more holds. Gulak countered and dumped Bryan over the top rope to the floor. He has Bryan grounded once again in the middle of the ring. Gulak hit a belly-to-back suplex for a two count. He applied a Full Nelson on the mat.

Bryan tried to fight free by driving Gulak’s knee into his knee twice. Gulak kept the headlock applied. Bryan finally broke it and nailed a Dragon Screw leg whip, and another. He continued to focus on the ankle. Bryan applied the ankle lock but Gulak went for the ropes to break it. He hit  a German suplex for a close two count. More back and forth between the two. Gulak drove Bryan into the mat on his neck but Bryan still kicked out at two. Gulak locked another Full Nelson. Bryan got out and they tangled some more. He hit a big release German suplex.

More back and forth until Gulak dodged the running knee. Gulak drove Bryan into the mat for another two count. Bryan with a two count of his own. He got his Dragon Sleeper applied in the middle of the ring. Bryan rolled through to break it and went for the Yes Lock but Gulak resisted. More countered between the two. Bryan hit a Dragon Screw, sending Gulak’s knee and leg straight down into the mat. He applied a heel hook in the middle of the ring. Gulak rolled and tried to get free but Bryan kept it locked. Finally, Gulak tapped out for the finish.

Result: Daniel Bryan def. Drew Gulak

Post-match, Bryan stood tall and he will now face the winner of Sheamus vs. Jeff Hardy, which takes place next week.


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