Candice LeRae came out first while Alicia Taylor did the introductions. Dakota Kai was out next. The bell rang and Kai went right to work but it backfired as LeRae hit the Lung Blower. More back and forth early on. LeRae sent Kai to the floor and then nailed a suicide dive. Kai looked to come back but LeRae sent her back down to the floor. LeRae ran the ropes and flew out with a crossbody. Fans chanted “one more time!” and LeRae delivered for a pop.

LeRae went back in and ran the ropes for another dive, and she nailed it. So, fans popped for her again. LeRae brought it back in the ring and climbed to the top. She nailed a missile dropkick for a close two count. Kai kicked LeRae back to the mat. She delivered a palm to the eyes to turn it back around. Kai hit a knee to the nose. She put a boot to LeRae in the corner while the referee warned her. Kai continued to dominate LeRae while she’s down.

They ended up tangling on the top. Kai kicked LeRae down and worked her over on the apron while the referee warned again. She got a two count. Kai worked LeRae over on the apron while she LeRae really bleeding from her nose. She kept control and yanked LeRae into the top of the ring post, shoulder-first. LeRae fell to the floor and clutched her shoulder. After the break, LeRae mounted offense and hit a diving swinging neckbreaker.

More back and forth until LeRae nailed a big German suplex in the middle of the ring. LeRae applied husband Johnny Gargano’s GargaNo Escape submission in the middle of the ring. So, fans pop and Kai screamed out, crawling for the ropes. LeRae pulled her back away from the ropes again, but Kai pulled LeRae over out of nowhere, rolling her up for the pin to win.

After the match, the music hit as Kai went to the floor to celebrate and exit. A shocked LeRae followed Kai around the ring but Kai sent her face-first into the ring post. Kai then grabbed the timekeeper’s bell and drove it into LeRae, sending her down. Suddenly, Tegan Nox attacked out of nowhere, dropping Kai and mounting her with strikes. Security and officials ran down to break the fight up. Nox ran up the ramp and tackled Kai on the stage as they pulled them apart again.


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