Tegan Nox made her way out for the first women’s Street Fight at Takeover. Suddenly, Dakota Kai attacked her behind to start the match. Kai beat Nox over into the side production area but Nox turned it around. Nox fought her to the ringside area and tackled her through the barrier at ringside. Kai countered a move with a big DDT on the broken barrier at ringside. She brought it in the ring and covered but Nox kicked out. Kai brought a trash can lid, two steel chairs, and two trash cans, in the ring.

Nox moved and Kai brought her out to send her into the steel steps. Kai hit a big kick to the face. She grabbed and swung a cricket bat but Nox ducked and it broke over the ring post. Nox hit a big crossbody off the steps, taking Kai down on the floor. She stomped away on the floor. Nox brought a trash can over and put it over Kai’s body against the ring steps. She hit an inverted senton to the trash can and Kai against the steps.

Nox brought it back in the ring for a two count. She brought a table from under the ring while fans were cheering her on. Nox stood the table up at ringside. She came to the apron for a suplex to the table on the floor but Kai blocked it. Kai dropped Nox andwent back to the floor. Nox followed and they tangled. She took a huge trash can lid shot to the face. Kai rolled Nox back in and kept her down with boots while fans were booing. She sent Nox to the apron and tried to knock her off into the table.

Nox turned it around and nailed a series of superkicks. She sent Kai back in the ring and hit her several times with a trash can. Nox nailed a big German suplex onto the trash can for a close two count. Kai turned it around and nailed a big Kai-Ropractor for a two count. Nox looked to turn it around as they tangle on the apron. Kai sent her down. Nox blocked a knee brace shot to the face and dropped Kai on the apron. She brought it back in and climbed to the top but Kai jumped up with a big kick.

Kai climbed to the top for a superplex but Nox fought back. She unloaded in frustration while fans were booing her. Nox grabbed Kai by the throat and chokeslammed her to the mat. She leapt from the top with a Molly Go Round but Kai kicked out at two. So, fans did dueling chants. Nox stood a chair up in the middle of the ring as Kai crawled to her. She placed Kai’s head into the chair but missed a superkick. They tangled and Kai kicked the steel chair into Nox’s face after tossing it to her.

Both superstars went back to the floor and Kai sent Nox into the ring post. Kai grabbed a roll of duct tape and started securing Nox to the ring post by her wrist. She hit a big boot to the face, and another, which broke the tape and Nox fells to the floor. Kai talked trash in Nox’s face and said she asked for this. She grabbed the timekeeper’s ring bell but Nox kicked her knee out. Nox hit Kai’s knee with a laptop. Kai rushed into the ring in pain. Nox brought a chain in the ring.

The laptop was also in the ring. Nox took out the knee with a chain shot. She snapped, focusing on the knee and the brace around it. Nox placed a chair around the knee and stomped on it and Kai screamed out in pain. She hit the Shiniest Wizard and dropped Kai back again. Nox said she’s not done yet. She went back out and brought the table into the ring. Nox came back in and stood the table up in the corner. She stomped away on Kai.

Nox placed Kai on the table, then placed the chair over her head. She climbed to the top but the former Mae Young Classic competitor, Raquel Gonzalez decked her. The crowd booed as the former Reina Gonzalez helped Kai off the table. Fans chanted “who are you?” Gonzalez went back to the top and manhandled Nox while talking trash in her face. She sent Nox through the table and it broke. Kai took advantage and covered for the pin to win.

Result: Dakota Kai def. Tegan Nox

After the match, Gonzalez returned to the ring and helped Kai up. Kai looked confused while Gonzalez was holding Kai by her arm. Gonzalez finally raised Kai’s arm in victory.


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