Corey Graves kicked off the first edition of the After the Bell podcast by throwing some love towards a few WWE Superstars. SmackDown commentator revealed that he feels the company has underutilized both Cesaro and Drew Gulak.

Cesaro hasn’t had many main-event chances

The Swiss Superman has had success in the mid-card and tag team divisions. He has held the United States Championship once and tag team titles on six occasions. Despite that, Cesaro is usually used to make others look better in the ring. WWE Universe believes that the Swiss Cyborg is better than his booking in WWE may suggest.

“In my opinion, Cesaro is the single-most underrated superstar, most underutilized superstar, not only in WWE but in the entire wrestling industry,” Graves stated.” “From the physicality to what he’s capable of, to the technique, I mean, this dude has literally dedicated his life,” Corey added.

“He’s traveled around the world through Europe, through Japan, through Mexico learning different styles, and there is literally no one you can put into a ring in WWE with Cesaro that won’t tear it down. Cesaro is incapable of having a bad match; I mean, he may tell you otherwise. I’m telling you from my perspective as a guy that’s watched every second of WWE for the last three-and-a-half, four years. Cesaro is the guy.”

Cesaro lacking of mic skills

According to Graves, Cesaro’s lack of mic skills is what has held him back from earning a consistent spot atop the WWE.

“I guess it’s because he’s not necessarily compelling on the microphone. Again, he’ll be the first to admit that to you. I don’t want to listen to Cesaro give a five-minute diatribe backstage or in the ring to kick off RAW or SmackDown. Maybe that’s why he isn’t getting the opportunities to be The Guy”.

Corey’s challenge to the company

Although Cesaro lacks mic skills, Corey is still a huge fan of Cesaro. He stated;

“I challenge you to find another superstar on the roster, other than maybe a Seth Rollins, who, given the platform of a WWE ring or a ring anywhere in the world for that matter, but given the time to do what he does best, Cesaro will have an arena full of people chanting his name on their feet because they believe.

Drew Gulak is more than a cruiserweight

Moreover, Graves, on the same note of underused Superstars, had high praise for Drew Gulak. He thinks that former NXT Cruiserweight Champion is capable of so much more if given a chance.

“Another guy that I think isn’t getting his just due, but I believe he will in time is Drew Gulak. Gulak is different – he’s a wrestler in the ring. When the bell rings, Gulak wrestles, and it’s different.”

“I don’t know if the PowerPoint presentations are going to be his keys to the kingdom. But if you’ve gotten to see anything he’s capable of on 205 Live or during his reign as cruiserweight champion. Remember the match where he won the Cruiserweight Title, and it was a triple threat match? Gulak is the real deal. And I’m glad, at least, that he caught the attention of somebody to earn a roster spot on SmackDown.”


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