Former WWE superstar Val Venis took to social media to give his thoughts on Nyla Rose winning AEW Women’s championship last Wednesday. He criticized AEW for allowing Rose, an openly transgender wrestler, to capture the Women’s World Title.

“When I turn on the mind numbing boob-tube to watch two women wrestle for the championship, I expect to see REAL WOMEN wrestling. Today I identify as a Great Dane. Gonna enter the Westminster dog show and win the XL Dog title.”

Later, he clarified his comments.

“I never claimed #NylaRose was cheating. Its scripted & could be a heat seeking story line when portrayed responsibly. My position was & still is that portraying a biological MAN winning the Womens championship is not something to portray as moral, ethical or logical.”

Cody Rhodes spoke with Ryan Satin of the Pro Wrestling Sheet

During a media call, Ryan Satin of ProWrestling Sheet  asked Code Rhodes about Val Venis’ recent comments about Nyla Rose. While speaking, AEW Co-Executive Vice President said that he was disappointed by the comments. Cody believes that Venis was just trying to get a booking. He added that AEW will never work with Val Venis in the future.

“It’s disappointing. If you are someone that perhaps grew up liking Val Venis, he’s kind of like the Disco Inferno of WWE, I don’t know if anyone really knows who Val Venis is anymore. It’s disappointing because I don’t think he actually means the terrible, awful things, he’s putting in writing. I think he’s just trying to get a booking. We’re not booking Val Venis and you’re not gonna be booked anywhere near us.”

Moreover, Cody said that such comments aren’t acceptable in 2020 and that people should not “hit the ball back.”

 “The real way to end some of this bigotry, transphobia, and negativity is don’t hit the ball back. We all know who we’re talking about here. They’re the same people who do this. When we hit the ball back, you give them oxygen. I’m not giving Val Venis any oxygen when it coming to Nyla Rosa. Nyla Rose won the Women’s World Championship because she was the best woman at AEW. That’s just it. Stop hitting the ball back to those people. It’s 2020, everybody should love everybody.”


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