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WWE News: Charlotte Flair on how Triple H contributed to her success in WWE

Triple H is one of the main reasons behind the remarkable success of the black and gold brand. WWE Chief Executive Officer brains behind the show. NXT, from a developmental territory, has evolved into the third brand of WWE alongside RAW and SmackDown. She shares a personal bond with Triple H owing to her father Ric Flair’s relationship with the WWE CEO.

A section of WWE Universe believes that knowing Triple H from a young age must have made it easier for her to earn a spot on NXT. However, Charlotte revealed that that was not the case. She had to prove herself from the get-go on the Black and Gold brand. While speaking with talkSPORT, Charlotte Flair revealed how Triple H contributes to the show and backs the talents performing on it.

“Since I’ve known him for so long, and he’s so close to my dad, I’m very shy to overstep my boundaries. There was a huge chip on my shoulder when I started like ‘Oh, she gets handouts’ or ‘Oh, she’s the favorite’ and I’m like ‘Nope, I do the exact same thing you do every single day and probably more.’ That’s how I got where I am.”

Bayley, Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch are the Four WWE’s Horsewomen. They have had incredible bouts on the main roster as well as on NXT. Moreover, The Queen explained how Triple H played a crucial role in their collective success.

You can tell just how much he cares about the talent. Especially for the women, when the Four Horsewomen were in NXT and giving us those opportunities and not knowing where it was going to go. He really believed in us. And I don’t know if having little girls of his own maybe changed his heart, I don’t know!”

“But he really just believed in us from day one. And you can see that it’s continued for him to want the same opportunities for his women in NXT. Also him hiring Sara Del Rey, that was him basically saying ‘No, we’re putting a focus on the women’.”

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