NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley came out as Nigel hyped Charlotte Flair vs. Ripley at WrestleMania 36. Ripley took the mic and said if Flair is going to psych her out before WrestleMania, she needs a better game plan. She admitted this is the biggest match of her career and there are nerves, but what gets her through it is knocking The Queen on her ass. So, come WrestleMania… but the music interrupted and Flair came out to mostly boos.

Flair slowly walked down the ramp while fans were chanting “you don’t go here!” Flair responded and said she made here. The Queen said Ripley has guts. Flair played to the crowd some more and they chanted “go back to RAW!” at her. Flair told them to be quiet, this is WrestleMania. It’s just too much, too fast and too soon. She’s not talking about the stadium or the 80,000 fans that will be chanting Ripley’s name. So, fans chanted “Rhea!”

What is Flair talking about? This right here, The Queen, is going to be too much for Ripley to handle. She was on the apron. Flair said she’s going to take Ripley to deep waters and drown the fastest rising star in WWE. She’s not going to do a damn thing about it. Flair stepped through the ropes and Ripley immediately attacked her. They started brawling all over the ring. Flair leveled Ripley and fans booed. The “go back to RAW!” chants started up again. Flair went for a Figure Four but Ripley kicked her into the turnbuckles.

It looked like Flair is about to retreat but she slammed Ripley’s leg into the ring post and wrapped it around while fans were booing her. Flair applied the Figure Four around the ring post. Ripley screamed out as Flair put the pressure on her knee, driving the heel of her boot into the knee. However, Officials ran down and Flair finally let Ripley falls to the floor. The boos continued. Flair taunted Ripley some more and made her exit while the crowd was yelling at her.



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