Charlotte Flair came out first as the pyro hit. Besides, we saw what happened last week between Flair and the Kabuki Warriors. Elsewhere, Charly was backstage with Asuka and Kairi Sane. They went on about Flair in Japanese. The music hit and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Asuka and Sane came out. They hit the ring and attacked Flair before the referee called for the bell. The referee restored order while Flair got ready to fight. The bell hit as Flair and Asuka attacked each other.

They went to the corner and Sane tagged in. Sane worked over Flair in the corner. She stood on Flair and Asuka came in again. They double-teamed Flair, but she fought them off. Flair sent Sane to the floor, but Asuka dropped her with a Hip Attack. Asuka hit kicks, but Flair dropped her. Flair clotheslined Sane on the apron. She countered and sent Asuka to the floor with Sane. Flair charged and took them both out through the ropes with kicks. They tangled on the floor.

Asuka sent her into the barrier. She brought it back in at the seven count and worked Flair over. Flair worked Asuka over, but Sane made the save from the floor. Flair took out Sane on the floor, but Asuka dropkicked her from the ring. Asuka taunted Flair with kicks at ringside. She brought it back into the ring and delivered stiff kicks. Sane got on the apron, but Flair moved as Asuka came in with the Hip Attack, knocking Sane to the floor. Flair dropped Asuka with a boot. She launched herself out, taking Sane and Asuka down on the floor.

Flair got riled up with the crowd. She brought Asuka back in, but Sane decked her on the apron. Flair dropped Sane. She caught Asuka trying to attack. Flair backed Asuka back into the ring. The champs dominated Flair in the corner. Sane tagged in and taunted Flair. Sane hit the diving shot to the jaw for a two count. Asuka tagged back in, and Flair traded forearms with her. She went for a German after a missed, but Flair hit elbow. Further, they tangled some more, and Asuka hit the German.

Sane tagged in and climbed to the top. Sane leapt, but Flair hit boot out of mid-air. Flair took down Asuka next. Flair dragged Sane next to Asuka and went to the top for the big moonsault. They both got their knees up, and Flair landed hard. Sane went for a dropkick, but Flair caught her and turned it into a Boston Crab in the middle of the ring. Asuka kicked Flair in the face to break it up. She dragged Sane over and tagged in. Asuka nailed a missile dropkick from the top for a two count. She hit kicks while she was on her knees.

Flair just took them and started fighting back. Flair and Asuka traded more blocks and offense. Asuka pulled Flair into the armbar, but Flair resisted. She held on while Flair powered up for the powerbomb. Sane broke the pin attempt up at two.She tagged back in and dropped an elbow. Sane climbed to the top, but Flair cut her off. Flair climbed up for a superplex, but Asuka tagged in and joined them up top. She climbed up for a double superplex, but they slammed her to the mat. Sane hit a double stomp to Flair.

Asuka covered for a two count. Sane screamed out in frustration. They went for the double-teamed, but it looked like Flair missed half of it. Flair came right back with a double Spear for a two count on Asuka. She went to work on Asuka’s knee. Flair kicked Sane off the apron. Asuka tagged out but got hit with a Spear. Flair applied a Figure Four on Asuka. Sane was legal. She came off the top with her InSane Elbow Drop on Flair while she bridged into the Figure Eight on Asuka. Sane connected with the elbow and covered Flair to get the pin.

Result: WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Asuka & Kairi Sane def. Charlotte Flair

After the match, Asuka and Sane stood tall. The Kabuki Warriors posed with the titles.


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