Charlotte Flair came out as the pyro went off. After the break, Vic led us to a video package for WWE NXT Superstar Chelsea Green while Flair waiting in the ring. Green made her way to the ring for her red brand debut. The bell rang and they went at it with Flair taking it to the corner. They locked up again and Green took Flair down but didn’t capitalize. Green and Flair sized each other up and locked up again.

Flair worked on the arm but Green made it to the ropes. The referee warned her to break it. They traded a big shove and slap. Flair rocked her with the slap, and then unloaded into the corner. Green kicked Flair’s knee out and then sent her back into the turnbuckles. She sent Flair face-first into a turnbuckle for a two count. Green worked Flair over while she was down and hit a big dropkick.

She delivered more offense and another pin attempt. Green kept Flair down for a few minutes while the referee checked on Flair.  Finally, Flair fought up and out with chops as fans “Wooo!” along. Green fought back with an elbow to the face. She hit the ropes but Flair leveled her with a big boot. Flair applied the Figure Four and bridged into the Figure Eight. Green tapped out.

Result: Charlotte Flair def. Chelsea Green 

After the match, The Queen stood tall as her music hit. Flair stood over Chelsea Green.


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