Charlotte Flair came out first while the pyro went off. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Asuka was out with partner Kairi Sane. The bell hit and Asuka taunted Flair to start. Flair rocked her with a forearm to the face. She took Asuka down and unloaded with strikes. Asuka went to the floor and Flair followed, running her into the barricade. Flair brought it back in the ring and then knocked Sane off the barrier with a big boot. Asuka grabbed Flair from behind and went to toss her, but Flair countered and launched Asuka across the ring.

Flair delivered stomps in the corner while the referee was warning her. She charged in the corner, but Asuka moved. Asuka worked Flair over, but Flair dropped her with a forearm. Flair repeatedly slammed Asuka’s head into the turnbuckles. Asuka countered a slam and dropped Flair by her hair. They traded shots from their knees. Both women got to their feet. Flair fought off a German suplex attempt and dropped her. She charged, but Asuka went for a submission. Flair resisted and dropped Asuka for the Figure Four, but Asuka blocked it and kicked her away.

Asuka charged but got rocked. Sane distracted Flair from the floor, allowing Asuka to level Flair in the corner, into the turnbuckles with a Hip Attack. Asuka took her time and covered for a two count. She kept Flair grounded and worked on her arm while Sane was looking on and smiling. Asuka hit big kicks while Flair was on her knees. Flair caught a kick but missed. Asuka delivered strikes to the face and a spinning back-fist. She charged but Flair hit a boot to the face for a two count. Asuka rolled to the floor for a breather with Sane.

Flair taunted them from the ring while the referee was counting. She followed but chased Sane into the crowd. Sane ran away up the steps through the crowd to the concessions area as Flair quit chasing her. Asuka was still down against the barrier at ringside. She walked back over to Asuka. Flair dropkicked Asuka back against the barricade from the ring. She brought it back into the ring, but Asuka pulled her into an armbar in the middle of the ring. Flair turned it into a two count. She fought out and beat on Asuka.

Flair slapped Asuka. Asuka sent Flair to the apron and kicked her. Flair came back with a kick. She missed a big boot. Asuka dropped Flair on her head with a German. She stopped away on Flair. Flair rolled her up for two. Asuka went right into the Asuka Lock, but Flair pinned her. Flair delivered a clothesline. She hit big chops, backing Asuka into the ropes. Flair nailed a big fall-away slam and a kip up. She stepped on Asuka and climbed to the top for the moonsault, but Asuka moved, and Flair landed on her feet.

However, this led to Flair pinning Asuka for a two count. Flair blocked a Hip Attack. Asuka rolled her up for a two count. Flair avoided another Asuka Lock. She nailed a belly-to-back suplex.  Asuka levelled Flair for a close two count. She climbed to the top, but Flair ducked the crossbody. Flair went for a Natural Selection, but Asuka put her in the armbar, and then the Triangle. Flair tried to power up and finally did, into a Boston Crab in the middle of the ring.

They tangled some more on the mat. Flair landed boot Asuka in the face. She worked on the leg, but Asuka kicked her. Flair came right back with a big Spear for a close two count. Sane came back out, but Flair sent her into the ring post on the outside, and she went down. Flair came back into the ring, but Asuka spat the green mist in her face. Asuka rolled Flair up for the pin to win.

Result: WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Asuka def. Charlotte Flair

After the match, The Kabuki Warrior celebrated with the titles at ringside, laughing at Flair. Flair’s face was green with mist.


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