Chad Gable came out for the final King of the Ring quarterfinals match. Shane McMahon was out next replacing Elias, who is out with an ankle injury. The winner will face Baron Corbin in the King of the Ring finals on Sunday’s pay-per-view. Kevin Owens was the special referee for this match. The bell rang, and The Best in the World started off picking on Gable’s height. They went at it some and Gable nailed a Chaos Theory on Shane to get the easy pin from Owens.

After the bell, Gable celebrated and went to leave. Shane took the mic and said this is now a 2-of-3 falls match. He had some words with Owens while Gable returned. Fans chanted “asshole!” at Shane. Owens apologized to Gable at ringside, allowing Shane to attack Gable from behind. Shane slammed Gable’s face into the announce table over and over, then into the timekeeper’s area.

2-of-3 Falls King of the Ring Match

Two falls left, and Shane McMahon showed off after Chad Gable barely made it back into the ring before the ten counts from Kevin Owens. Shane worked Gable around the ring for a few minutes. Gable turned it around and went for a backslide pin, but Owens won’t make the pin. So, the fans booed Owens. Shane recovered and went for a pin on Gable, which Owens did a fast count for. He went back to beating Gable around. Gable mounted offense and unloaded on Shane now. He delivered a spinning neckbreaker.

Gable climbed to the top and nailed a moonsault, holding it for the pin, but Owens was counting slow. Shane still was barely able to kick out in time. Fans booed Owens, who was conflicted. Gable pleaded with Owens and went back to Shane but gets rocked. Shane came with a clothesline to the back of the head. He hit a TKO and a pin attempt. Owens counts much faster than usual, but Gable still kicks out. Shane brought a steel chair into the ring, but Owens stopped him.

However, they argued, and Shane told him it’s alright. Owens put the chair out of the ring. Gable caught Shane and dropped him into the ankle lock in the middle of the ring. He dropped down and tightened the hold and Shane finally taps and Owens called the match. After the match, Gable’s music hit and he celebrated by running around the ring. Gable vs. Baron Corbin KOTR finals match will take place on Monday’s RAW instead of the Clash of Champions pay-per-view.

Shane McMahon fired Kevin Owens

The Best in the World ended up attacking Owens from behind and beating him down. He destroyed Owens while fans boo. Shane took the mic and announced that Owens is fired. The announcers were stunned. SmackDown went off the air with Shane standing over Owens while AEW chants begin to pick up in the MSG crowd.


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