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Chad Gable defeated Andrade in King of the Ring Quarterfinal Match

Andrade made his way out with Zelina Vega for the last King of the Ring quarterfinals match. They stopped on the stage to check out the KOTR throne. Chad Gable was out next. Vega took the mic before the match and brought up Gable being short. She could see Gable actually being the next King of the Ring if Andrade wasn’t in the tournament, but he is, and he will beat you. Vega called him a little guy to end her speech.

The bell rang, and Gable manhandled Andrade to start. Andrade turned it around with an elbow to the face. Gable rolled Andrade up out of the corner for a two count. He launched Andrade across the ring while Vega looked on. Andrade caught Gable in the corner and launched him over the top rope. Gable landed hard on the floor. Gable unloaded on Andrade to turn it around. He dropped Andrade with a big kick to the back of the neck.

However, Vega looked worried at ringside. Gable delivered a rolling neckbreaker to Andrade for a pop. He kept control and hit a Chickenwing Suplex for another close pin attempt. So, Vega tried to rally for Andrade. Andrade blocked Gable in the corner and delivered a big boot to the face. Gable decked Andrade and cut him off in the corner. Also, we saw Elias backstage watching. Gable climbed up with Andrade in the corner but then got hung upside down.

Andrade hit the big stomp for a two count. He hit the Three Amigos Suplexes, but Gable blocked the third. He then delivered a pair of German Suplexes, but Andrade blocked the third. Fans chanted for Gable after he climbed up top for a colossal Moonsault. Andrade mounted more offense. Andrade charges in with the double knees, but Gable moved. Gable came back with a German and held it for the pin, but Vega was distracting the referee.

He turned his attention to Vega and turned back around to a big elbow from Andrade. Further, they tangled again, and Gable rolled Andrade up for the upset pin to advance. Fans cheered for Gable after the match as he celebrated. Meanwhile, Vega and Andrade were not happy. Gable will face Elias in the semi-finals from MSG next Tuesday.

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