The Phenomenal One recovered from the Stone Cold Stunner. Cedric Alexander made his way out, and we’ve got a match. The bell rang, and Alexander went right to work on the United States Champion. Styles went to the floor for a breather, but Alexander clotheslined him from behind. Before bringing it back in, Alexander unleashed offense on the outside. He delivered shoulder thrusts in the corner.

Alexander unloaded and a takedown for a two count. Styles looked to mount offense, but Alexander landed a kick to the face, sending him to the floor. Alexander ran the ropes and leaped out, taking Styles down on the floor again. The Phenomenal One ended up going to work on Alexander’s arm, dropping it over the rope. Styles hit another shot to Alexander to keep him down.  Alexander tried to mount offense, but Styles shut him down.

Further, they traded strikes. Styles focused on the arm. Alexander caught Styles with a big Michinoku Driver for a two count and a pop. Styles ate a big elbow. Alexander hit a big kick to the head from the apron. However, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows came over and interfered. So, they pulled Alexander to the floor for the disqualification. Gallows and Anderson worked Alexander over after the bell.

They tossed him back into the squared circle. The triple team began until the music hit, and The Viking Raiders came out. Erik and Ivar took out Gallows and Anderson at ringside. They hit the ring and double teamed Styles for another pop. Gallows and Anderson hit the ring, but The Vikings took them out as well. They hit Viking Experiences and then celebrated with Alexander while their music hit. Thus, Alexander stood tall with Erik and Ivar to end the segment.



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