Carmella, Dana Brooke and Alexa Bliss were already out for tonight’s Fatal-4-Way main event. SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley was at ringside talking trash. The winner of this match will earn a title shot. Naomi was out next with her glow entrance. The bell rang and they all went at it with several pin attempts and counters. Bliss slapped Carmella after Brooke dropkicked Naomi.

More back and forth between everyone. Naomi ended up hitting a big corkscrew plancha to take everyone else down on the floor. Bayley stood over them and raised her title while fans were booing. Naomi brawled with Bayley but Bayley got the upperhand. Bayley launched Naomi into the steel ring steps and stood tall. After the break, everyone went at it in the ring. The pin attempts and counters continued for a few minutes.

Bliss slapped and dropped Carmella with a right hand, then dropped knees on her. Brooke rocked Bliss and nailed a powerbomb but Carmella made the save. Carmella unloaded on Brooke in the corner. She did the moonwalk for a pop. Carmella nailed the Bronco Buster. Naomi came in to take Carmella down. She hit the split-legged moonsault but Brooke broke the pin up. Brooke and Naomi tangled.

Naomi hit a big Stunner but Bliss broke the pin up with a dropkick. Bliss worked Naomi over in the corner. Naomi countered out of nowhere and rolled Bliss for a close two count. Naomi slammed Bliss and dropped a leg for a two count. Bayley looked concerned at ringside while Naomi kept control of Bliss. Naomi took Bliss to the top and they traded shots. Bliss shoved Naomi to the mat and comes down for a two count.

Moreover, she worked Naomi over and showed a little bit of frustration. Bliss dropped Naomi and ran in with a slap to the face for a two count. She had a few words for the referee. Naomi delivered a big elbow to the jaw. Brooke and Carmella were back in. Naomi launched Bliss into Carmella and she went down. She slammed Brooke from the apron. Naomi hit a split-legged leg drop on Brooke for a two count.

Further, she tossed Brooke out to the floor. Bliss sent Naomi into the middle turnbuckle. She took Naomi down in the corner a few more times. Bliss climbed to the top to a mixed reaction. She went for Twisted Bliss but Naomi got her knees up. Naomi got right up and hit a Rear View on Bliss but Carmella broke it up and delivered two straight superkicks to Naomi. The Princess covered for the pin to win the title shot.

Carmella’s music hit but Bayley immediately rushed the ring and put Carmella down face-first into the mat, from behind. Bayley retreated to the stage while Carmella recovered. There’s no word on when Carmella will get her title shot. SmackDown on FOX went off the air with Bayley clutching her title on the ramp while Carmella staring back at her from the ring.


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