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Carmella & Dana Brooke joined forces for high-stakes bout against Fire & Desire


The duo of Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville came out first. The winners of this match will join Sasha Banks on a women’s team at Survivor Series. Carmella and Dana Brooke were out next. In addition, we saw how this match didn’t happen last week due to the backstage attack by NXT’s Bianca Belair. Deville went at it with Carmella and rag-dolled her some. She delivered a big clothesline and talked some trash.

Carmella fought back, but Deville countered from the Mella Go-round and took it to the corner. Rose tagged in for some double teaming, and quicker tagged between the two. She, moreover, talked trash and punk Carmella around. Carmella rocked her and fought back up. Rose caught Carmella with a big fall-away slam and a two count. Carmella got double-teamed but she escaped.

Further, Deville managed to counter and leveled Carmella with a big shot to the back of the head for a two count. She kept Carmella grounded. Deville taunted Dana and turned around to Carmella, running under her arm for the tag. Dana went right to work on Deville. She delivered offense and a big bulldog. Dana went on and covered, but Rose broke it with a big knee. Carmella ran in and sent Rose out. Deville got sent out to the floor, as well.

She came off the apron but had to land on her feet as Deville moved. Brooke kicked Deville back of the neck-first into the steel ring steps for a big pop. She brought it back into the ring and climbed to the top. Finally, Dana hit the top rope senton on Deville for the pin to win and earn the Survivor Series spots. After the match, The Total Diva and The Princess of Staten Island celebrated in the ring.



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