Candice LeRae came out for tonight’s last qualifying match for the Women’s Ladder Match. Kayden Carter was out next. The bell rang and LeRae took Carter down in the middle of the ring. They tangled and got back up. LeRae with an arm drag and hit a shoulder for a quick pin attempt. She with another arm drag to ground Carter on the mat. Carter fought free and mounted offense for a quick pin attempt.

More back and forth with pin attempts. They went to lock up again but Carter took LeRae down for one count. More back and forth and countered on the mat. Carter hit a big kick to the face for a two count. LeRae turned it around in the corner and hit a Natural Selection for a two count. Carter ended up turning it around and nailing a running boot to the face but LeRae still kicked out.

LeRae fought Carter off with punches and chops. She took Carter back down and went for the GargaNo Escape but Carter kicked out. LeRae went on and missed a moonsault as Carter moved. The Shining Wizard blocked. LeRae went right back into the GargaNo Escape and Carter tapped out for the win.

Result: Candice LeRae def. Kayden Carter

After the match, Tenacious C stood tall as her music hit. LeRae has joined Chelsea Green, Tegan Nox, Mia Yim and Io Shirai for the Women’s Ladder Match.


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