Tyler Bate came out first. Cameron Grimes was out next. The bell rang, and they locked up. Grimes took Bate down and kept him grounded. Finally, they got up, and Bate nailed a dropkick. Bate spun Grimes around and dropkicked him out of the ring to the floor. He ran the ropes for a dive, but Grimes ran in and stopped him. Grimes drove Bate down into the mat for a close two count. He nailed a big Carolina Reaper on Bate for a close two count.

Bate hit European uppercuts and a big dropkick. Bate still couldn’t get the win. He hit a standing Shooting Star Press for another close two count. Bate ended up nailing a big hurricanrana out of an Electric Chair from Grimes. Grimes still kicked out at two, and the crowd couldn’t believe it. He blocked the Tyler Driver and nailed a Superman Forearm. Bate hit a big right hand. They collided again, and Grimes came out on top of the crossbody Collision Course, covering for a close two count.

Bate hit the rebound Lariat for another close pin attempt. Grimes avoided a Tyler Driver again. He looked to retreat to the floor for a breather, but Bate pulled him back. Grimes with a back elbow. Bate clotheslined Grimes to the floor. He hit a rolling kick to nail Grimes at the ropes. Bate reran the ropes and nailed a huge suicide dive. Fans chanted “NXT!” while Bate brought it back in the ring. We see Killian Dain appeared at ringside, distracting Bate.

However, Grimes took advantage of the distraction and nailed the Cave In double stomp for the pin to win. After the match, Grimes stood tall, but he quickly made his exit. Dain entered the ring and nailed a big senton on Bate while he was down. Bate was down on the floor, leaning against the steel steps. Dain nailed a big cannonball into Bate and the steps. He yelled in Bate’s face and warned him to tell his friend that they had unfinished business, apparently a threat to Trent Seven or Pete Dunne. Dain walked off.


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