Daniel Bryan came out with Erick Rowant face Buddy Murphy. He took the mic and taunted Murphy for changing his mind on what he previously claimed. Bryan said he and Rowan would make their reveal tonight and show Buddy also had something to do with it. The bell rang, and Bryan turned around to a big flying knee from Murphy for a two count.

Murphy took Bryan to the corner and unloaded while the referee backed him off. Bryan went out and back in, then back out for a breather. He turned it around on Murphy and chopped away. Bryan hit kicks in the corner. Murphy fought back with strikes of his own. Bryan looked to be biting Murphy in the corner while the referee warned him. He hit a big kick to the back of Murphy and some trash talking while Rowan looked on. Bryan slapped Murphy around and kept calling him a liar.

Murphy tried to fight up and out, but Bryan dropped him again. Bryan took Murphy back to the corner for more chops. Murphy turned it right around and unloaded with chops of his own. They ran the ropes, and Murphy clotheslined Bryan over the top to the floor. Murphy ran the ropes and leaped out with a big dive, taking Bryan back down. He dropped Bryan with a big dropkick. He fought Bryan off and dropped him with a kick from the apron.

Murphy climbed to the top and delivered double knees for a two count. Bryan took Murphy to the mat and applied the LeBell Lock in the middle of the squared circle. Murphy resisted and reached for the bottom rope. But Bryan tightened the hold and re-positioned to turn it into the Rings of Saturn. Murphy got his arm free, but Bryan went back to the LeBell Lock.

Finally, Murphy broke the hold by getting his foot on the bottom rope. So, fans chanted, “let’s go, Buddy!” Bryan hit kicks to the chest while Murphy was on his knees. He yelled at Murphy to stay down. Murphy ducked a kick and jumped up with a big shot of his own. Bryan turned Murphy upside down in a Tree of Woe and kicked away in the corner. He ran and hit the low dropkick to the face.

Bryan took Murphy back to the top and hit a big belly-to-back superplex. Murphy still kicked out at two while Bryan was surprised. Bryan yelled at Murphy for being a liar while delivering more kicks and offense in the corner. Murphy countered in the corner while Bryan climbed to the top. He delivered a running sitdown powerbomb for a two count. Murphy unloaded with forearms. He ducked a move and backslid Bryan for a two count.

Murphy hit more kicks and knees, and a Brainbuster for a two count while Bryan got his foot on the bottom rope. Also, Rowan jumped on the apron to make sure the referee saw the foot. He remained on the apron, staring at Murphy. Murphy turned his attention to Rowan and Bryan rolled him up from behind for a two count. He superkicked Rowan off the apron, and Bryan rolled him up again. Murphy came back and delivered a big knee to Bryan, then Murphy’s Law for the big pin to win.



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