Kevin Owens came out first for tonight’s six-man Elimination Match. Tom mentioned how Samoa Joe isn’t here tonight because he’s not medically cleared due to last week. The Viking Raiders – Erik and Ivar were out next. Buddy Murphy and The Authors of Pain – Akam & Rezar came out next with Seth Rollins leading them. Mike Rome did introductions and went over the rules before the match. Ivar and Murphy went at it to start the match. The Vikings double teamed Murphy with quick tags, and dominating him. Erik slammed Ivar on top of Murphy and The Vikings celebrated for a pop while Rollins was watching from ringside.

Ivar tagged in to go at it with Rezar. They unloaded on each other. Erik came back in and worked Rezar over. Rezar exploded out of the corner with a clothesline. Akam tagged in for some double teaming. He mounted Erik with fists. Murphy tagged back in for a quick double team. He fought off out of the corner but the numbers game was a problem. Erik continued fighting with Murphy while he was looking for a tag. He leveled Murphy and tagged in Ivar. Ivar unloaded on Akam as he also came in. He splashed Akam. Rezar tagged in but Ivar fought him off Ivar with the senton on Rezar.

Murphy also got dropped and then clotheslined by Ivar while fans went wild. Erik tagged back in for a big double team clothesline combo to Murphy. AOP broke Erik’s pin attempt at one count. Akam and Rezar got tossed out to the floor on opposite sides. Ivar took out Rezar on the floor. Erik nailed a suicide dive next, taking out Akam on the floor. Rezar launched Ivar shoulder-first into the apron LED board. Owens came to check on him. Rollins nailed a big stomp on Erik at ringside, putting him down face-first in the floor. Murphy went on in the ring, taking advantage and pinning Ivar for the elimination.

Referees checked on Ivar at ringside and he’s not happy. He finally made his exit but he’s upset and clutching his arm. Erik was also down at ringside still. Owens returned to the apron and faced off with all three of his opponents, alone. Fans cheered Owens on as he looked around. Akam worked Owens over for a two count while Rollins was cheering him on. Murphy came back in for the double team. Owens ended up taking Murphy down on the ringside. They brought it back in and Murphy leveled Owens for a two count while Rollins was cheering him on. AOP with power moves to Owens to keep him down.

Akam stomped on Owens and kept Owens grounded with a headlock. Owens fought up and out. He charged but Akam met him with a knee to the gut for a two count. Murphy came back in and kept Owens down. Rollins posed at ringside to mostly boos. Owens dropped Murphy but he couldn’t keep the momentum going. Rezar tagged in and pounded on Owens to keep him down in their corner. Murphy tagged in and sent Owens into the corner but he knocked Rezar off the apron. Owens took Akam down. He kept fighting and rocked Murphy. Owens hit a big cannonball from the apron to Akam on the floor.

Rezar charged but Owens sent him into the steel ring steps. Murphy came out but Owens dropped him with a big kick. Owens brought it back in the ring and climbed to the top for a big Swanton but Murphy got his knees up and Owens landed badly. Murphy and Owens tangled some more until Owens caught him with a big Pop-Up Powerbomb for the pin to eliminate. Akam came in and pounded on Owens after taking him back down. Owens countered a move and dropped Akam with a big Stunner in the middle of the ring. Owens covered for the pin to eliminate Akam.

It was down to Owens and Rezar. We saw Rollins at ringside hyping Rezar up, getting in his face and pushing him around to get him ready. He sent Rezar back into battle but Owens rocked him and then superkicked him into the corner. Owens dropped Rezar in the corner and hit a running cannonball. He climbed back to the top and nailed the senton but Rezar kicked out at two. Owens ended up picking Rezar on his shoulders. Rollins got on the apron for a distraction. Owens swung but this allows Rezar to turn Owens inside out.

Rezar nailed a big Spinebuster in the middle of the ring. Rollins barked orders from ringside as Rezar nailed another big Spinebuster on Owens for the pin to win. After the match, the AOP music hit as Rollins and Rezar marched up the ramp. Murphy and Akam greeted them on the stage. Rollins, Murphy, Akam and Rezar stood tall on the stage and raised their arms together. Owens recovered in the ring and looked on. He stood up in the middle of the ring and receives an ovation from the crowd. KO took it all in and went to leave.


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