The Miz came out. The Firefly Fun House music hit next as WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt made his way out. This was the “sweater version” of Wyatt, no sign of The Fiend tonight. Miz stared Wyatt down from the ring. Bray cleared off the top of the main announce table and climbed on top of it, playing to the crowd. Wyatt he’s really excited about this. He was all smiles as the Firefly theme kept playing. Wyatt took his time coming in, continuing to play to the crowd for laughs and pops. He kissed the title and handed it to the referee. So, fans chanted “Yowie! Wowie!”

The bell hit, and Miz immediately unloaded. The referee tried to break it up in the corner but Miz kept fighting, driving knees into Wyatt. Finally, Miz backed off and Wyatt got up, stumbling. Miz went right back to work on Wyatt and beat him down again. He clawed and ripped at Wyatt’s face while the referee warned him. Wyatt just laughed. Miz fought Wyatt back into the corner again and used his sweater on him. Wyatt took it off and finally fought back. Miz took back control with ease and hit the kicks in the corner. He hit running knees in the corner, and again, and again.

Suddenly, Wyatt’s expression changed. He came out of the corner with a Sister Abigail attempt, but Miz countered. Miz hit a Skull Crushing Finale. He didn’t go for a pin. Miz punished Wyatt some more on the mat and Wyatt just laughed. Wyatt enjoyed it as Miz slammed his face into the mat. Miz kept control until Wyatt went to the floor. Wyatt started throwing himself into the barrier, apparently to put his shoulder back into place.

Miz sent Wyatt into the barricade, then the steel steps. He hit more offence on the outside. Miz tossed Wyatt into the German announce table. He charged, but Wyatt moved and sent him into the timekeeper’s area. Wyatt had a serious look on his face. He nailed a big Sister Abigail from the barrier to the floor. Wyatt smiled some more while the referee counted. He returned to the ring and Miz made it back in at the two count. Finally, Wyatt nailed another Sister Abigail and covered for the pin to win.

Result: Bray Wyatt def. The Miz

After the match, Wyatt sat up on his knees, smiling. He snapped for a second and snatched the title from the referee. We saw The Fiend appear on the big screen. Wyatt stared up at him. Thus, some fans chanted “let him in!” Wyatt went under the ring and brought The Fiend’s large mallet out. He brought the mallet into the ring and stared Miz down. The Fiend was still on the big screen. Wyatt got up and slowly walked over to Miz, who was still down.

However, the lights started going down for The Fiend and Wyatt got excited, yelling about how “he’s here!” Wyatt turned around to a hooded man in the ring. The man charged and dropped Wyatt with a a running knee. So, fans chanted “Yes!” as the man stood up. He took the hood off and it was a mostly clean shaven Daniel Bryan while fans chanted his name. Bryan unloaded in the corner with kicks to Wyatt, then charged in with the running dropkick, and another. He unloaded as the ‘yes!”

Bryan grabbed the mallet and waited but the lights went out. They came back on and Bryan was alone in the ring, no sign of Miz or Wyatt. The WWE Universal Title belt was on the mat. Bryan slammed the mallet and hit the corner to pose for fans. His music hit as the “yes!” chants started up. Bryan looked down at the title and rubbed his shaved head. Bryan marched up the ramp and slapped hands with fans, encouraging the crowd to chanted “yes!” again.


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