Brock Lesnar came out with Paul Heyman for the WWE title match. WWE Champion Kofi Kingston was out next with Big E & Xavier Woods. We got formal ring introductions, but Heyman interrupted to deliver his own intro for his client. The bell rang, and Kingston charged, but Lesnar caught him in mid-move. Lesnar immediately dropped Kingston with an F5 and covered for the pin to win the title.

After the quick squash, Lesnar stood tall and raised the title while Heyman joined him in the ring. Big E & Woods looked on stunned at ringside. Suddenly, Rey Mysterio’s music hit. We wait, but Mysterio wasn’t coming out. The Master of 619 appeared and got UFC heavyweight Cain Velasquez with him.

The crowd popped big, and The Beast looked on shocked from the ring, along with Heyman. They stared Lesnar and Heyman down before marching down the ramp. Cain entered the ring. Lesnar swung, but Cain ducked and tackled him. He unloads and pounded while Lesnar tried to fight and got away to retreat. Lesnar quickly exited the ring while Cain talked trash from the ring.

Heyman talked trash and told a stunned Lesnar to show Cain who he is, handing him the belt. Lesnar stared Cain down from the ramp for a minute or two. Cain stood with The Ultimate Underdog in the ring. Finally, Lesnar turned and went up the ramp, and fans started booing.

We got a replay of what just happened. Graves mentioned how Cain beat Lesnar for the UFC Heavyweight Title in 2010. Lesnar and Heyman looked on from the entrance while Rey’s music hit while he and Cain stood tall in the ring. The SmackDown FOX premiere and 20th Anniversary specials went off the air.


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